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Essex Happenings 4.4.12

Essex Happenings…..April 4, 2012

Essex Heritage Spring Meeting

It is certainly not too late to sign up to attend the ENHC Spring Meeting at Merrimack College in North Andover. MA.

This year the ENHC annual meeting will take place at Cascia Hall at Merrimack College at 10:00 am on April 10, 2012. It is not too late to sign up for this FREE networking event. Contact the ENHC office at 978 740 0444 ot at to sign up.

First, I want to apologize for a brief period when I was not able to produce an edition of Essex Happenings. Toward the end of the period that I spent on holiday in Florida, I experienced some physical difficulties and had to spend some time in a local Florida hospital. I have met with most of my medical team in this region and they have provided me with programs that will help me complete my recovery from this small setback. The postings that I will offer may not be as frequent as in the past but I will continue to report on the activities Essex Heritage and its partners.

School Sports

My congratulations are offered to two local school systems that achieved recent sports successes . The young women from Andover once again ruled the basketball world in their division. The young men from Danvers after many decades of trying produced a basketball winner in their division. In the second half of my life, I have lived in Danvers and viewed success in many sports, but never in boys basketball. Congratulations on the win and for the perseverance to see those efforts thought to a State CHAMPIONSHIP.


I wanted to provide information on an upcoming presentation by the Town Archivist. Dick is a most entertaining presenter and the event is open to the public.

Hi Folks:

FYI, I have been asked to give an illustrated talk on the architecture of Danvers and Essex County, and how I date houses. It will be at the Library's Gordon Room on Wednesday, March 28 at 7:00 pm. All are welcome!

If you want to see if slide projectors are still being used, I'll answer
that for you. The program should be over in plenty of time so that I can
get home to watch my hero "Doc. Martin" on PBS.


Richard Trask, Archivist
Peabody Institute Library, Danvers Massachusetts
North of Boston Library Exchange


Florida Everglades, here we come....

Day 4: Manatees, Crocodiles, and the Night Sky

After a delicious all you can eat pancake breakfast cooked in the garden by Jim and Kyle, we headed to Flamingo. The night before the kids lobbied to go there to see the onlyAmerican crocodiles and the manatees. Even though everyone we talked to gave us little hope of seeing the two rare animals, they were determined to go, so off we went.

Did they make the right decision to spend the day in Flamingo? I'll let the kids tell you the rest through excerpts they chose to share from their journals.

I scan the water's murky surface looking for the creature that evades me; the crocodile who supposedly hides in the mangroves. They say he is almost impossible to find in the day, but I am not one to listen to doubters.... Jonathan

Searching and scanning, I found a manatee. The massive tail rose from the water exposing most of the body. With the slightest hint of a splash, its tail disappeared underneath the murky water...Will

The blazing hot, unyielding sun beats mercilessly upon my body. Its piercing bright rays penetrate the weak shield I have against it, my shirt. I glance up and squint my eyes to keep the violent sunbeams from blinding me. I am not the only one the sun has targeted, though. My gaze drifts downward to rest upon the sight of the glistening sunlit water.... Leo

Birds' call, motors roar, and classmates talk as I walk towards the dock. As we approach the docks, Barbara points out grazing off the wooden dock post. My heart starts to race. I faintly see its body below the dark brackish water. Its nostrils poke out. I am excited because I have another once in a lifetime experience....John

By far my favorite part of his little journey was seeing the deadly American Crocodile. In my entire life I have never seen anything as terrifying as that fully grown crocodile. Even the alligators couldn't match the scariness of that creature. Everything about that crocodile screamed deadly and I was very glad that I was not in the water. As I said to Jim, "I would much rather swim with the manatee than the crocodiles." Despite this, I marveled at its simple beauty. This animal has such a successful design that it has been around for hundreds of millions of years....Jonah

My eyes gleamed with delight as if I had ever seen it before. The sparkling water made the murky brownish water much more clear. Behind the manatee, a few people were canoeing. I heard the great birds calling to one another. Butterflies flew around with their wings flapping delicately. Little ripples in the water surrounded the great creature. A crocodile swam past with its strong mighty tail pushing and guiding it along. Its rough tail and skin were just enough above the water so that I could just barely see it. I felt relaxed and ready to take on our next adventure... Isabelle

When I saw the crocodile I got a little excited because that was the first time I have seen one in my life. The manatee was pretty cool, but we did not see much. I was a little disappointed...Danté

Stone sturdy stairs lead down to mangrove trees and shallow water. I blink and shake my head, but what I though to be a step moved. An American Crocodile blinked and I jumped...Elliot

The most exciting thing to hear was that there might be manatees in the water. With excitement in my head about seeing one my group sits down. Believe it or not I actually saw the whole body of one for the first time and I knew to myself it would be a long time until I saw another one. I loved seeing the beauty of the creature no matter the weight...Chris

At Flamingo I got to see some really cool birds sitting in their nests or flying around. The landscape and weather makes this a really nice day with all the water, trees, and grass...Alfred

Big ripples went in a line on the water leading to the dock.
When I reached the end of the trail of ripples there was nothing. Then a bulky gray mass rose slowly up from the fog-like water. It was a manatee. Its tail was like a big and wide fan. With a swish of its tail, the manatee sank back down to the depths. It was an experience I will never forget...Noah

Then Barbara called out, "There's a manatee!" and I feel fulfilled happiness, a state of euphoria. Now I finally get a chance to see a manatee. I get a space on the platform to see the manatee graze on some algae. After a few minutes of anticipation, I see a gray blurry blob, and realize it's a real-life manatee. My dream is fulfilled when I see a nose pop up two times, a back and, the best part, a tail...Ben

Ripples came from the dock. I could feel the excitement racing through my veins. A miniscule grey spot peeped out of the water. Then came a huge grey body, so unbelievable I almost thought what I was seeing couldn't be happening. As the manatee slowly ate the seaweed I realized that the majestic creature was surely real. Out of nowhere, "plop"-- a grey paddle tail slapped the water...Mayan

After a visit to a rookery and a quick picnic pizza dinner at West Lake, we made our way to Mahogany Hammock. Kyle led us out onto the boardwalk to see the sunset and watch the sky at twilight. Within moments, he had us in the palm of his hand, teaching us about the planets, stars, how to determine longitude and latitude, how to find the North Star, the magnitude of stars, apparent motion, the reason for seasons, Earth's orbit around the sun, retrograde motion, and hours of information and stories, filling our minds and making us want more. Kyle had all of us in the palms of his hands, with a delivery of information that made such a complicated and sophisticated topic easy for us to understand and appreciate. As it got later and later, there were more questions. We must have been directly under some lucky stars, because tonight local amateur astronomers arrived and set up their telescopes, their incredible and very complex equipment and allowed us to view Orion, several stars, Mars, a dead star, and more, all under a very visible Milky Way. The magic of an Everglades night extended from the sounds of the glades, to the serene waters of Florida Bay, to the mystery of the stars. There was no better way to end our day.


To see more photos, go to the PHOENIX SCHOOL Facebook page. Be sure to LIKE us if you haven't done so already.

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Essex Happening 3.23.12


We will be heading home to New England in the morning.   This has been a wonderful respite from winter, even though it was not too bad in the north until the snow at the end of February, first of March.

We expect that the return trip on Jet blue will be as easy as the trip down to Florida.   The next posting of this BLOG offering will emanate from Danvers early next week.

North Shore Music Theatre

In the last couple of days, I received an e-mail that promoted the 2012 schedule at the Beverly location.  The lineup looks most attractive and the theatre is a wonderful example of an organization that helps to promote culture in the region.  The theatre has also been a great supporter of the work on North Shore Elder Services as they have agreed to host and take reservations for the major fundraising event of NSES as they help us present Loretta Laroche on May 6, 2012


Now that we are on the way back to New England it is nice to see some signs that the winter “as it was” is almost over and hopefully in 2012 we might experience a spring season.   We can only hope that the snow at the end of February has melted or will have disappeared by the time we arrive back in Danvers.  I suppose that we could not expect to go the entire winter without some kind of winter. 

Some hopeful examples of a soon to be experienced spring:

·      The Boston Bike Sharing Program is about to open for the year and is planning an expansion into Cambridge and Somerville.    I expect that the Salem Program is gearing up for a start as well.   

·      The Meadow Golf Course in Peabody had its earliest opening in its Eleven Year History, opening in March for golfers that are willing to brave the March winds.

·      We remain hopeful that the winter rally in the stock market will continue into the spring and the escalating prices for gasoline can be controlled as the spring and summer tourist season is just around the corner.   Lower prices are most important to the region’s tourist activity


Signs of

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Essex Happening 3.12.12

Interesting Information Regarding Alzheimer’s Research Provided by North Shore Elder Services
ALZHEIMER'S PLAN ON THE TABLE - The Obama administration on Wednesday released a first-of-its-kind roadmap to eradicate Alzheimer's disease by 2025. It comes just weeks after President Barack Obama pledged more than $156 million in federal funding to the cause, and a year after he made it a national priority. The draft plan builds upon "ongoing research and clinical inquiry" to delay and ultimately minimize the symptoms of the disease, which affects more than 5 million Americans. It clears a path for accelerated public and private research and hinges on a partnership between a number of different agencies such as the FDA and the NIH. The Pro story: The plan:
... ALZHEIMER'S ADVOCATES WELCOME THE GOAL, WANT MORE SPECIFICS - In a statement, the Alzheimer's Association urged "the Administration to specify the level of commitment and investment that will be needed to meet the goal to prevent and effectively treat the disease by 2025." And George Vradenburg, chairman of USAgainstAlzheimer's and a member of a panel advising the policy, said that the 2025 goal was an key step but that the plan "provides no path to providing significantly greater resources, contains no provisions focused on accelerating advanced research and does not hold a single high-level office or individual accountable for the overall plan." The plan is now open for public comment.
Paul J. Lanzikos 
Executive Director 
North Shore Elder Services 
152 Sylvan Street 
Danvers, MA 01923-3568 
978/624-2244 (TTY)
North Shore Elder Services 
Serving Danvers, Marblehead, Middleton, Peabody, Salem
Life. Made Easier.

Life is Short: Wear Your Party Pants – A One Woman Show with Loretta LaRoche
May 6, 2012
North Shore Music Theater, Beverly, MA
Order tickets: 978 232 7200 /

Expectations for the Local Florida American League East Baseball Entry Sky High
The newspapers here in the Tampa area and many of the residents in the region are filled with a feeling of optimism for the 2012 baseball season at a level that I have not seen in the years we have visited this part of the country. There are slogans that call for the RAYS to be one of the final two teams standing. When one looks at the pitching staff that has been assembled for 2012, it certainly seems that the optimism is warranted. The RAYS moved their Spring Training camp a couple of years ago to the Port Charlotte area in the hopes of attracting more fans to their regular season games and the day we attended Rays Fan Fest to get a look at Tropicana Field, the crowds in attendance were large and lines to purchase season tickets were long.
A local columnist in the Tampa Bay Times dubbed training camp in a recent column as Camp Armed and Dangerous. He went on to note that ‘there are so many pitchers that they travel in packs. They are everywhere. There are tall pitchers, short pitchers, right handed and lefties with production and pitchers with potential.”
It does appear from the numbers presented that optimism is not without real expectation. One of the headlines noted that they have excess arms. Those of us that have followed the Boston entry, know that from time to time our expectations have fallen apart in many seasons when too much pitching in the Spring turns into not enough arms when the dog days of Summer arrives. So we shall see if the optimism being expressed in February and March in the Tampa Bay area can result in those high expectations being realized in the fall.
Local Communities Begin to Consider the Budget Process for 2012
Budget deliberations in 2012 across the region with ever increasing demands for support and ever decreasing resources will be difficult in many communities in the region. The process in Danvers, where I am pleased to serve on the Finance Committee, is officially underway a couple of days ago when I received the first preliminary schedule of meetings. In the event that any of you wish to attend some of the deliberations the schedule of dates and budget issues to be considered follows. The process will culminate with the annul Town Meeting scheduled this year for May 21, 2012.
7:00 PM
Thursday, April 5, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room
Selectmen; Moderator
Finance Committee Reserve Fund
Town Counsel

Human Resources / Benefits

Department Heads
Planning and Human Services

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room
Public Works

Thursday, April 12, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room
Administrative Services; Debt
Town Manager
Management and Informational Services

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room
School Department; Vocational School

Thursday, April 26, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room
Code Administration
Police Department
Fire Department

Monday, April 30, 2012 – Great Room Senior Center
Warrant Articles

Thursday, May 3, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room (After Selectmen’s Meeting)
Warrant Articles

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room Warrant Articles

Thursday, May 10, 2012 – Daniel J. Toomey Hearing Room

Monday, May 21, 2012
Annual Town Meeting

Dinner with Friends in Florida
I hope that you will allow me one personal note about my stay in Florida. Along with our friends the Sullivan’s we have been wintering at the same resort in the St. Pete’s Beach area for eight years and over that time we have established a number of friendships. The project is a 174 unit condominium project called Land’s End, along Florida’s gulf coast. As you know, last winter I spent the winter in south Salem at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital rather than in the south at Land’s End. Bob and Eleanor Sullivan sent the video that I made for Spaulding to a couple of the friends we had made at this destination. The video found its way around the complex and when we arrived this year many were most pleased to see Marge and I back again. This winter we had many lengthy conversations about my accident and how a simple scrape on the leg could cause so much of a problem. One gentleman named Don Gerber, who is a mortician from St. Louis. MO paid particular attention to my plight and after cutting his leg in the fall of 2011 and remembering my difficulty made three trips to the hospital to have the cut checked. This winter every time I entered or left the pool in my wheelchair, there was Don to open the pool gate to make my entrance or egress that much easier. I also had a number of pleasant conversations with him about the accident and subsequent rehabilitation progress. On Friday evening 2/24 we were invited to dinner as their guests along with the Sullivan’s and Don and his wife Gretchen. The evening was most pleasant and we appreciated their generosity and their friendship.
One last Notice on the Salem Rotary Auction

AUCTION, AUCTION, AUCTION...... PLEASE SEE INFORMATION BELOW ABOUT THE AUCTION. $75.00 pp or $475.00 table of 8. Includes 2 drink tickets and wine at dinner. The Annual Salem Rotary Auction will take place Friday March 16TH at 6:00 PM at The Hawthorne Hotel. The theme will be Saint Patrick's Day. There will an opportunity to tell a joke during dinner if you pay a $20 fine into a 50:50 pot. There will be a wine table. Please plan to bring a good bottle of wine for the wine table. Please recruit businesses to advertise in our program book and procure incredible items for bidding!!! Each member of Rotary is expected to provide an item for bidding. All items must be brought with donor form to John Walsh Insurance before March 9.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Famous rescue on Cape Cod Celebrated

I am aware that the primary function of this BLOG is designed to provide information about issues and occurrence that take place within the borders of the Essex Heritage Area. However from time to time I see events that even though they may occur elsewhere there is enough of a connection to warrant reporting here. One of those instances is the celebration of a famous Coast Guard rescue that took place off Chatham on Cape Cod. The celebration seems appropriate to report as it personifies the nautical aspects of both our region and that of Cape Cod. It also bears a connection to our region as the hero of the story is an intrepid group of Coast Guard servicemen and the connection is real as the City of Newburyport has been designated as the birthplace of the US Coast Guard.

The celebration was held this past weekend in Chatham harbor and focused on a most incredible sea rescue that took place in the middle of a winter storm 60 years ago in 1952. The story of the rescue and the facts connected to one of the most heroic rescues ever recorded in the long and storied maritime history of this maritime state. The effort was recounted in a book that I read several years ago called The Finest Hours, by Michael Tougias. That book I highly recommended reading is in the process of being made into a movie by Disney Studios.

The incident that was celebrated involved a 500 foot tanker named the Pendelton that broke up in a winter storm that produced rain, hail and snow along with 70 knot winds and sixty foot waves. The ship had a crew of forty sailors on board. Seven of the crew were lost when the bow of the ship sunk and the remaining 33 were hanging on to the stern portion of the ship when the Coast Guard station in Chatham identified the distressed ship on radar. The station then sent an incredibly small thirty-six foot wooden rescue boat out into the storm to affect a possible rescue. The rescue boat had four brave crew members and they managed to rescue and bring to safety all but one of the men to be rescued. The rescue was miraculous and the boat incredibly found its way through the storm back to Chatham harbor where the boat sat for awhile without attention. It is now preserved by the Chatham Historical Society and sits in Chatham harbor as a memorial. The shipper of the rescue boat Bernard Webber passed away in 2009 and only one member of the rescue crew is still living and he participated in the ceremonies late last month. This event showed the US Coast Guard at its absolute best and the event will be spoken about and taught as the “way it should be done” for years ahead in the history of the service.

Endicott College Increases its Contribution in Lieu of Taxes

Endicott College in Beverly will increase its voluntary contribution to the City of Beverly over the next thee years to $500,000. The amount of the annual contribution has been increased as a result of two recent estate purchases that the college made that removed properties from the tax roles and moved them to non-taxable status. The college has voluntarily agreed to pay the community what it lost from the tax rolls when the college acquired the properties. This decision could have an impact on other local communities where not for profits own property. This action by the local college could raise the bar in other situations in our region.

Essex Heritage Nominating Committee to Meet

Later this Spring Essex Heritage will meet to consider the nomination of new Commissioners. In 2012 we could have substantial turnover and will be seeking new residents of the region who might have an interest in serving. If anyone reading this communication or know of someone that would make a valuable addition to our team, please consider sending a resume to me at ENHC. If anyone might have an interest please visit the ENHC web site at for more information. We need people who envision the preservation of the valuable resources of this region as important and would be willing to serve. This has always been a most inclusive organization and we are always seeking those that see our mission as a valuable one.

Interesting Changes for the Disabled being Implemented in Florida

We heard recently that the disabled/handicapped advocacy groups have had an impact that could be most valuable to many with certain disabilities. We have learned that condominium projects that rent units to the general pubic, if they have a swimming pool, will have to install a lift to allow those that want access to a pool, and might otherwise be denied that access. I have learned how to get in, and out of a pool, if stairs are available, but there may others who are not as able as I am. Congratulation to those responsible for these changes. Keep up the great work.

Salem Rotary online auction starts March 1 at 8AM and ends March 14 at 8PM!!!

The Salem Rotary Annual Auction opens for bidding on March 1, 2012 at 8:00 AM EST Time.

 goal this year is to raise $50,000 to support Salem students in their quest for higher education in the form of scholarships. We need your support! This is an exciting and fun way to help us, and at the same time have a chance to win cool items!
We'll be adding new items to our auction for you to preview as the auction date approaches. Check back often to see what's new. Feel free to place a Watch on your favorites, so that you'll know as soon as bidding begins!
View All Auction Items

Two additional Local Organizations with events Scheduled on St. Patrick’s Day

I just want to briefly remind my readers that on March 17, 2012 that the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem will hold its Shamrock Raffle. Contact the club at for more information.

The other event to be reminded about is a major raffle and dinner being offered by St. John’s Prep also on St. Patrick’s Day. For more information on how to bid or to attend live contact the Prep at

Anniversaries of Note

Thirty years ago on 2/22/62 two horrific fires set by an arsonist almost destroyed Salem's downtown. The Masonic Temple building and the Salem National Guard Armory were torched on the same night. The loss that was realized after the flames were quenched on the following morning was immense. Looking back now, the Temple was rebuilt and is better than ever and after many years of debate the Armory property became a bellwether project to support a revived downtown. The Peabody Essex Museum and the National Park Service combined to turn the burned out armory into a unique business condominium into a most valuable Regional Visitor Center.

Heading a little more distant than Essex County, in 2012, two iconic sporting venues in the City of Boston, will celebrate a century of service to the area. Fenway Park, home of what many in the region consider to be the premier sports franchise in New England, the Red Sox, and the Boston Skating Club, home of numerous Olympic and National and World skating champions both reach one hundred years of age this year. Congratulations to both organizations on their centennial celebration.

Town of Wenham to seek interim Town Administrator

The Town of Wenham has lost its Administrator who filled a vacancy that occurred through a retirement in the Town of Marblehead. The Town of Wenham currently is holding twenty-six applications for that position, and will hire a temporary Administrator for a three to four month period through the annual Town Meeting. At that time, the Town will begin the selection process for a permanent Administrator

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Essex Happenings 3.2.12

Essex Happenings 3.2.12

Along the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway
The 85-mile coastal route from Lynn to Newburyport
View Scenic Byway Photos

Over 50 great photos of the byway can be viewed on the byway's *NEW* Facebook page. The photos were submitted to the 2011 Essex National Heritage Area Photo Contest in the category "Experiencing the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway." To see photos, click here.

Byway Featured in Tourism Guides
Thanks to the ongoing support of the region's leading tourism advocates - chambers of commerce and destination management organizations - information about the byway will appear in several annual guides promoting visitation to the region.

Newburyport Planning Heritage Trail App
To help visitors and residents better understand and experience the city's three and half centuries of history, city leaders seek to create a technology-supported Clipper Heritage Trail. Read more.

Announcing New Grants Resource
For Essex County Nonprofits:

Grants Resource Center at Essex County Community Foundation

Essex County Community Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the EBSCO Publishing Grants Resource Center at ECCF (GRC). In partnership with Associated Grant Makers and sponsored by EBSCO Publishing, the GRC is a valuable research database for nonprofits seeking new funding sources through regional, national and international granting foundations. The GRC is a portal located at Essex County Community Foundation in Danvers that provides access, free of charge, to two databases: AGM's Grant Makers Directory which consists of in-depth data on 400 funders that grant in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and the Foundation Center's Foundation Directory Online which includes over 100,000 foundations, corporate donors, and grant-making public charities. Read more here. Home
Local News
Train Roundhouse may Impact Salem Garage

As someone that grew up in the City of Salem in the 1940’s and 1950’s, I most certainly remember the Roundhouse and turning table that was in place at what is now the parking lot at the present Salem MBTA station. As a youth, I can remember quite vividly visiting that site to see the trains of those days being turned to head off in another direction. Now those facilities are back in the news decades after they played a role in travel locations of that time like northern New England and closer to the City of Peabody. The administration of the City of Salem and the business group the Salem Partnership, have been strong advocates for a new parking garage on the MBTA site. Parking is much needed in that community as the volume of Boston commuters that show up each day at the station and the expected visitors to the new court facility, adjacent to the proposed garage, speak out for the one thousand vehicle garage originally planed. Now due to budgetary and other logistic constraints the garage has been reduced to about half of the original planned capacity. In addition to the previous constraints the discovery of the possible facility below the ground in question, might cause an even additional reduction in size of the planned facility. I would certainly like to see a preservation effort to protect the possible historic resource below ground on the MBTA site but the planners must find a way to work with the recent find, but not reduce the size of the parking facility as it is so much needed. I recognize this will be a task for the planning team, but it needs to be accomplished. A pubic hearing was recently held and the updated plans for the facility with the exception of the number of spaces planned was met generally with positive responses.

Town of Wenham approves Tea House License

At a recent Town Meeting which we wrote about in this space, the body approved giving the operators of the Tea House the opportunity to apply with community support to the Commonwealth for a pouring license for future use. We have also recently learned that a new operator for the site has been found and the new operator is John Keohane of Henry’s Market in Beverly. If there is anyone that can make that facility a success it is John. I have seen first hand, the wonderful work John has done at the Danvers Senior Center and I have served on a number of local not-for-profit boards with John and know first hand of his commitment to whatever he undertakes.

Salem Education Foundation

I am pleased to serve as an Honorary member of the Board of the Salem Education Foundation and am pleased to reprint an excerpt from their most recent newsletter.

Last November many of us were devastated to learn the news that our school district was labeled "Level 4". Since then, people from across our community have banded together to participate in various "turnaround" efforts. It's been truly amazing to watch our city come together to think critically about our schools and begin to develop bold ideas about how we might create the Salem schools of the future; schools whose vibrant learning communities and academic outcomes parallel the vibrant nature of our city. We applaud the recent efforts of our school leaders, teachers and parent community.

Salem Education Foundation is working actively with the city, the school district, and members of our community during this turnaround process. SEF representatives serve on school and district stakeholder groups, meet regularly with parents and interested Salemites, participate in school committee meetings and community-wide meetings, host education discussion groups across our community, and meet regularly with Mayor Driscoll and Superintendent Russell to closely contribute to, and follow, the path to a new beginning.

We have engaged new staff to support this work and are pleased to announce Rosario Ubiera-Minaya as our new Director of School and Community Relations, and Cindy Thierault as our Community Coordinator. And we have engaged many, many new volunteers who have graciously opened their homes and volunteered their time to work on the pressing challenges facing our schools. We are prepared to continue our support for the district and the city as they begin to formulate bold implementation plans.

Over the next three months we will be hosting a series of fundraisers to prepare for the investment that we plan to make in our community and in our schools in the near future. We ask you to join us as we push for our most successful fundraising season through two events - the Food for Thought Raffle and the Spring Auction. This year PTOs and School Councils can earn funds directly for their schools by selling tickets for the Food for Thought Raffle - a chance to win dinner for two anywhere in the world. And the Spring Auction will be our biggest benefit yet, with all of the proceeds going to support education initiatives in Salem. There are lots of fun surprises planned for the Auction, so hold the date - April 5, 2012 - and join us at the Hawthorne Hotel as we involve students, teachers, principals and parents in a well-deserved celebration for the efforts that they have made in our schools this year.

At SEF we believe that our city has a unique opportunity to plan for, and invest in, the future of our schools. We believe that "Education Matters" and that positive change is possible Other schools and districts have been able to make significant improvements, and we are learning from their success. Reaching our new potential will take several years of consistent, focused work in our schools; work that can be made easier with widespread community engagement. I invite all of you to contact me at to learn more about the turnaround process and to find a way to get involved.


Janine Matho

North Shore Elder Services has provided the Following Information

Congratulations to these businesses and individuals, who have a relationship with North Shore Elder Services and recently received recognition at the Beverly Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting:

Large Business of the Year Winner: Henry’s Market, John Keohane, owner

Large Business of the Year Nominee: Associated Home Care, Michael Trigilio, owner

Businessperson of the Year Winner: Bill Hanney, owner, North Shore Music Theater

Family Business of the Year Nominee: Salem Plumbing Supply / Designer Bath, Jason Sevinor, owner (husband of Shelly Luckenbill)

Lesley Ray Award (Hall of Fame) Michael Harrington, owner, Hawthorne Hotel

For more information:

Traveling with Long Standing Friends to Florida

Fifty years ago this year my wife and I married in June 1962 and four months later Bob and Eleanor Sullivan tied the knot. Our good fortune found us living across the street from one another in Peabody and a half a century friendship and relationship was established and has grown over the years. We watched together as their two girls and our two sons grew up and we began to share travel and recreational experiences, as two closely bonded families. Now as some of you know, I am now in Florida continuing my rehabilitation and like so many times in the past we are sharing that experience with the Sullivan’s. I can unequivocally say that my trip down to the Sunshine State and the help that they have provided during our stay and the support offered as I strive to improve my walking skills and my therapy in the pool has been extraordinary. We even tried a round of golf recently and while I am not ready for the PGA senior Tour, we will try again soon to tee it up with their help. I can only say thanks for all of their help and for the half-century of friendship and support.