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Essex Happenings... June 29, 2012


Essex Heritage Coastal Scenic Byway
One of the most ambitious programs ever undertaken by Essex Heritage is the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway.   The 85 mile byway through 13 communities and involving hundreds of heritage sites and businesses makes the project very complex.   Essex Heritage has lead this effort, developing the Comprehensive Interpretive Plan for the byway and creating a marketing program with community and business representatives which includes a new byway logo, an active web site and a mobile site.

Most recently the Essex National Heritage Commission applied for and received a $220,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration and with $55,000 in matching funds from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for the design and installation of directional signs along the 85-mile Essex Coastal Scenic Byway. The comprehensive signage system will direct travelers from the region's three principal arterial highways to the byway and then help guide visitors along the route.

The Essex Coastal Scenic Byway is a state-designated byway stretching from Lynn to Newburyport, including Lynn, Swampscott, Marblehead, Salem, Beverly, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, Ipswich, Rowley, Newbury, and Newburyport. The byway highlights the best of coastal New England – historic seaports, colonial era farms, the rocky shoreline, the Great Marsh and a wealth of significant architecture. In its leadership role as byway coordinator, Essex Heritage is working with community officials, business owners, and heritage site stewards to leverage the byway's nationally significant heritage resources to generate economic and quality of life benefits for the entire region.   You can follow the issues connected to the coastal scenic byway at: www.coastaltrails.com

Maritime Gloucester Hosts Essex Heritage Photo Safari 
Essex Heritage held its first photo safari of 2012 at Maritime Gloucester on Saturday, June 16.  Sigma cameras and lenses were featured at the safari and Davis Fitzsimmons of Sigma helped the eighteen participants try out the equipment and take some great photos.  If you would like to take a look at some of their shots go to: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151826329420099.860892.99731915098&type=1
The safari was sponsored in part by Hunt’s Photo and Video Company.  Many thanks to  Maritime Gloucester and their staff who were very helpful.  There was a lot to see and photograph at this wonderful site, and the micro photo lab was a fantastic bonus!
Wenham Museum’s Director Diehl Retires 
The Executive Director of the Wenham Museum, Lindsey Diehl, will retire on July 13, after six years at the helm.  Prior to this, Ms. Diehl served as Director of Marketing and interim Director.   During her leadership at the Wenham Museum, new children’s programs and exhibits successfully increased the museum’s annual attendance helping the organization engage more families from across the region and also helping the museum’s ‘bottom line.”  Ms. Diehl, who is originally from New York, used to visit the museum as a child when her family spent summers in Gloucester.  Ms. Diehl  and the Wenham Museum have partnered with Essex Heritage on several projects including the annual Trails & Sails: two weekends of walks and water!  

Community Festivals 
Some of the most pleasant annual occurrences in this region are the weeklong community festivals - celebrated throughout the summer season in many of the communities with this national heritage area.  Each community has its own unique name for this celebration such as  “homecoming”, “heritage days” or “festival”. These celebrations are scheduled in the various communities that make up the fabric of the Essex National Heritage Area.  From time to time we will bring you some information about these celebrations and will try to direct you to where detailed information can be found.  The first of these regional festivals started a couple of nights ago in the Town of Danvers with the gala celebration at Glen Magna Farms where the Baron Mayer Award was presented.    This year the award was presented to Anna Bertini for her work in that community.   The Danvers Family Festival continues for the next two weeks and culminates with what some say is the best fireworks display on the North Shore on July 4th.    The festival has events for all ages including concerts, lectures, road races, bean supers and more.   For a complete listing of the events, their times and costs, if any,  see the schedule in local newspapers or visit the Danvers Family Festival web site at www.danversfamilyfestival.com  From June 27 – July 1, the annual St. Peter’s Fiesta is occurring in Gloucester including a parade, music, rides,  the Blessing of the Fishing Fleet, and  the famous greasy pole contest in which contestants try to walk atop a greased pole without falling into the ocean below.

Groveland Summer Reading Program for Teens to be Offered.
The Langly-Adams Library in the Town of Groveland will begin an on line reading program that will focus on students in grade 6 through 12 at the library web site at www.langlyadamslib.org.  Participants will be entered in a raffle that will award prizes in early August.   There are awards for reading three or more books this summer.

City of Peabody Students Art Exhibit
The seniors from Peabody High School will be exhibiting their artwork at the Peabody Cultural Center during the last week of June and through the first week of July 2012.


Salem Railroad Station Receives a Financial Boost
In a recent posting I provided information on the needs, as outlined by many local elected officials, for better MassTransit including improved stations and parking facilities that better meet the requirements of today’s travelers.  The demand for public transportation continues to increase and the service is struggling to keep up with demand.  Very fortunately for the City of Salem, the Commonwealth recently announced that it has approved an additional five million dollars to the new Salem Depot and Parking Garage project, bringing the total investment in the project to thirty-seven million dollars. This means that an additional floor can be added on to the proposed garage providing for approximately another 150 parking spaces.  The project will now offer over 700 spaces for those MBTA riders that want to use Salem as their point of departure.   The Mayor of Salem, the leadership of The Salem Partnership and the city’s state representative and senator have been very focused advocates for this project.  I’ve heard that the recent announcement was met with much happiness.   Essex Heritage considers improvement to local transportation as very important to the overall quality of life in the area.

Danvers High School Nearing Completion
The construction company that the Town of Danvers hired to do the High School renovation and construction project is completing the second phase of the project!  During the week of June 11 the contractor turned over most of the completed project to the town.   I am most pleased that the town elected to add to the present High School and renovate sections of the building rather than tearing down the facility.   At the end of last year the Field House was completed and opened for use.  There is still work to be accomplished during the summer month as the new facility needs to be prepared for the fall semester and the Dunn Wing will be demolished.  This project when completed will produce two remodeled schools with many elements of new construction open and complete for the middle and high school students of Danvers.   When the region adds the new fourteen hundred student Technical-Vocational school that will open in the fall of 2014 in Danvers, it is clear that the Town of Danvers will have an excellent claim to be one the educational centers of the region.   This wonderful educational collection of buildings is greatly enhanced by the building of the dramatic additions being created on the campus of the North Shore Community College.

City of Beverly and the Community Preservation Act 
Like the rest of us, City of Beverly residents will head to the polls in November to vote for the US President and also for other national and state representatives, but one of the most important local matters they will be asked to vote on is the Community Preservation Act (CPA).  The CPA is helps communities preserve open space and historic sites, create affordable work force housing, and develop recreational facilities by creating a local Community Preservation Fund. Funding for this community fund comes from levying a local real estate tax surcharge of between 1%-3% and the fund raised in this manner are match in part by the Commonwealth of MA.  Communities, such as the City of Peabody, that have passed this local legislation have greatly benefited.   This year, the CPA is on the ballot in Beverly, and the residents will get to decide if they want to participate by voting for a 1% surcharge.  Essex Heritage sees this initiative as very positive for the preservation of the quality of life and historic character of our local communities.

Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity transform vacant lot in Lawrence
Speaking of affordable housing, volunteers from the Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity have built a duplex home on a lot on Market Street in Lawrence, made available after a fire destroyed the building on the site.   The duplex was built in a week during Habitat for Humanity’s nationwide effort to erect two hundred new homes across the country in a “Housing Blitz” - a five day building effort with volunteers and professional builders.

Voters in Newburyport to Approve Local Funding Projects
The voters in the community of Newburyport voted in favor of three referendums to rehabilitate two schools and to build the first community senior center in the city.   The vote was a major victory for Mayor Donna Holaday and her team who made an excellent case for the importance of the three projects and that nearly half of the school construction costs will be reimbursed by the Commonwealth – over $31m.   The work will begin in the near term on all three sites.

Festival of Trees Provides Preservation Funds 
The Methuen based foundation founded to raise and distribute preservation funds recently announced that they will be providing grant funds to groups in Methuen, Newburyport, Amesbury, Haverhill and Sandown, New Hampshire to help with these communities’ local preservation efforts.  The foundation raises funds during its annual Festival of Trees held during the month of December.   To date the Foundation has provided over one million dollars to help more than one hundred preservation projects in the Merrimack Valley.

Abbot Hall in Marblehead to Undergo Repairs 
Selectmen in Marblehead approved renovation funds of over $30,000 to restore the Maritime Museum at Abbot Hall.   This iconic building which defines the skyline in Marblehead was the site of an Essex Heritage annual meeting a few years ago.

Boston Light and the US Coast Guard 
The Boston Globe recently carried a story about a famous local lighthouse and an artifact that can be traced to 1719.   Boston Light is being recognized as a valuable site for the National Park Service and the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.  The story revolves around a historic cannon that was purchased by the US Lighthouse Service (which later became part of the US Coast Guard).  The cannon is the oldest artifact owned by the Coast Guard and was shot off periodically on fog bound nights when it was not possible to see the powerful light at the Boston Light.    The light is now automated and it sends an air horn sound when the weather is bad.   Boston Light and its cannon are a popular NPS destination.  Since the island and the light opened for visitation in 1999, almost 25,000 visitors have made the trek to the Island.

Boston Globe Travel Bucket List 
The Boston Globe one week ago on Sunday produced what might be described as a “must see bucker list” on travel spots that are important to visit.   Their list was focused on all of New England, and included many cultural, historic and natural resources but focused most on special beaches, bike paths, amusement parks, and National Park sites.  One can debate the choices they made, but that is why we have vanilla and chocolate ice cream to pick between.  The Globe identified three sites in the Essex National Heritage Area (aka Essex County) for their “must see” list.  They named the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Motif #1 in Rockport and Whale Watch Cruises in Gloucester.   I agree that these three are very valuable to the region and are obvious excellent choices – but there are many more “must see” sites too.  This is why you should mark the Trails & Sails event on your calendar (September 21, 22 & 23 and 28, 29 & 30) because you can visit more than 100 “must see” places for FREE during these six days at the end of September.  Trails & Sails is the annual ‘signature’ event for Essex Heritage – so you don’t want to miss it!


Nelson Benton Testimonial and Retirement Event. 
On June 27th the Salem News will hold an OPEN HOUSE at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers to say goodbye and thank you to their long time employee and Editorial Page Editor Nelson Benton upon his Retirement.   Nelson worked for the Salem News for 40 years! All are invited and there is no charge.

Ipswich Town Manager 
Congratulations to Roberta Crosbie who has been appointed to the position of Town Manager in the Town of Ipswich.   That position has been vacant since last winter when the incumbent Town Manager resigned to take a similar position in Maine.   Ms. Crosbie has been the Town Manager of Longmeadow for the last eight years, a community that is similar to Ipswich in many aspects including geographic size and population.   Essex Heritage stands ready to assist the manager as she begins her new assignment as we have always done with other community officials


North Shore Elder Services has provided the following information
I am very pleased to inform you that North Shore Elder Services has a new Director of Community Services effective June 14.  This is Tina Claydon, Director of Community Services.  Tina can be reached at the North Shore Elder Services, tclaydon@nselder.org, 978 624 2284(Tel), 978 750 8053 (Fax), 978 624 2244 (TTY).


American Men Finally Closing the Longevity Gender Gap
MSNBC, Bill Briggs, 05/21/2012
Between 1989 and 2009, life expectancy for U.S. males grew by 4.6 years while predicted lifespans for American women rose by 2.7 years, according to the recent report from Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.  It appears that women are catching up with men, as the pressures of life are affecting their health.

Boston Sports
Now that the Boston winter sports season is over, there are issues to work out for both teams.  The Bruins need to deal with the Tim Thomas matter, but congratulations are in order for Patrice Bergeron for winning the Selke Award as the NHL’s best defensive forward.  The Celtics have two long-term veterans, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to consider for renewals, before the dawn of a new season.

Please note:
In order to devote more of my time and energy to promoting the sites and organizations that participate in Essex Heritage’s annual Trails &  Sails event, from now on I will be making regular Essex Happenings postings only once a week - on Fridays.   I will attempt to make these postings more comprehensive and will offer ones that are a bit longer to cover my thoughts for the week long period.  I hope that you will continue to follow my BLOG and will find the material provided informative and enlightening. I plan to continue keeping the residents of this region abreast of the work of Essex Heritage and our partners as we preserve and promote the historic, cultural and natural resources of the Essex National Heritage Area –in Essex County, MA.

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Essex Happenings… JUNE 22, 2012


Essex National Heritage Commission Trustees Meeting
This month I participated in the quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees of Essex Heritage. Several issues of importance to the region were presented and discussed including the recently developed marketing brochure for the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway which does a wonderful job of pointing out many of the assets along the North Shore. The marketing brochure is available at many locations along the byway and at other sites in the region. The marketing material points out adventures that await visitors to the region at almost every turn on the scenic byway. Visitors (and residents too!) can experience history, beaches, seafood, hiking, parks, bird watching, culture, swimming, kayaking, art, leaf peeping, recreation, music, biking, architecture, galleries, fishing, theatre, shopping, museums, shopping, lodging, sailing, and much, much more, all on the eighty-five mile scenic byway that winds its way along the coast of this spectacular region. The byway is a valuable and important part of the congressionally designated Essex National Heritage Area whose mission is to preserve and promote the historic, cultural and natural resources of this region.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the Commission leadership to update Trustees on the many on-going and new partnerships that Essex Heritage has created with the National Park Service, The House of the Seven Gables and other regional organizations including a new agreement with the Essex County Greenbelt Association on the Moraine Farm in Beverly and with the Gables for a Latino focused pilot educational program funded by the National Park Foundation.

There was a lively discussion about the very active Essex Heritage membership program and the special events that are being offered to members throughout the year. For more information on the membership program and to join, please visit www.essexheritage.org/membership.

Information on the work by leadership on the extension and maintenance of this region as a heritage area was also outlined as part of the meeting. Work in this area is being accomplished with the help our Washington D.C. delegation.

The meeting concluded with a recap of the many events scheduled this summer including Essex Heritage’s very popular Photo Safaris and several interesting up-coming lectures. Visit the Essex Heritage web site at www.essexheritage.org for information or to make a reservation for one of these events.

Essex Heritage Commissioner Nominations
Essex Heritage has 150 commissioners who serve three year terms as ambassadors for the Commission. New commissioners are elected at the regional meetings held each spring and fall. At the up-coming Essex Heritage Fall Annual Meeting in October, it is anticipated that approximately 15 new commissioners will be named to fill retiring positions. The Commission’s Nominating Committee recently held a meeting to identify potential new commissioners. 


Friendship Returns!
The National Park Service’s tall ship Friendship returned to her permanent berth at Derby Wharf on June 9. Crowds gathered at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site to welcome her home. Friendship spent the past nine months in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, where she underwent scheduled repairs and USCG inspections. The second phase of repair work on the ship is being undertaken by NPS staff and Friendship volunteers at the wharf in Salem. Friendship will not be participating in any sailing events this year due to ongoing work, but there will be public access to Friendship throughout the summer although it will be on a modified schedule as carpenters and engineers complete the various maintenance projects. Visitors will be able to tour the ship except when the repair operations prevent safe public access.

Plundering Privateers Brought to Life by Author Captain Michael Rutstein:
On June 28 at 7 PM at the Salem Visitor Center (2 New Liberty Street) the National Park Service will present a free lecture and book signing about the Salem privateers during the War of 1812. Captain Michael Rutstein of the schooner Fame and local maritime artist Racket Shreve have collaborated on a new book about these privateers and their exploits, titled The Privateering Stroke.

Captain Rutstein will present highlights from the book, while Mr. Shreve will talk about the challenge of creating illustrations for it — in most cases, depicting vessels for which there are scant historical records. They will be signing copies of their book after the presentation, and refreshments will be served.

Captain Rutstein sails a modern replica of the schooner Fame, the first American privateer to bring in a prize during the War of 1812. The schooner conducts public sails, private charters, and a summer camp from her historic home port of Salem. Racket Shreve, of Salem MA, who was trained as an illustrator, is not only a noted maritime artist and longtime sailor but also builds and restores historic boat models.  

Regional Transportation Issues
One of the issues that I have spoken out about whenever I have had the chance is public transportation and the important need to develop a regional transportation plan. That plan needs to create a process of implementing an up-to-date regional plan to handle local traffic in the eastern half of this state. This initiative has always been a focal point for Essex Heritage as we have always been a long-time and vocal participant in meetings that would foster these proposed changes. Following is a printed report covering a recent regional meeting of local officials addressing the same cause and I thought the report might be of interest to all of you. I have participated with other transportation advocates such as Salem’s David Pelletier, the former Mayor of Lynn Mayor, Tom Costin, and Ted Grant of the Lynn Business partnership. We have long advocated for the development of a regional transportation system that included bringing rapid transit access further up the North Shore.

Report on the Transportation Summit: Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone joined the mayors of Boston, Salem and Fitchburg, former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Richard Davey and other officials Monday to pressure state lawmakers into investing more in transportation.

The mayors all spoke at the "Transportation Summit," held in the middle of Boston's South Station, calling for long-term, sustainable ways to pay for the state's infrastructure needs.

No one uttered the words "gas tax." Instead, the focus was on selling the idea that Massachusetts needs a state-wide way to pay for rails, roads and bridges. The PR blitz kicked off what is expected to be a widespread campaign to bring in various constituencies, like business, greens and labor, to the cause.  

Mayor Curtatone made the case it makes economic sense to invest in transportation. "Everyone knows," said the mayor, "that a modern, comprehensive and efficient and reliable transportation system is a non-negotiable requirement for a healthy economy, for healthy communities and for a decent quality of life in every community across this commonwealth."

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, who also serves as the President of the Massachusetts Mayors Association said that a few years ago, people might have been surprised to learn of the shortfalls in transit funding. "It's not a news flash that the transportation system is underfunded," she said.

Curtatone used a phrase invoked by several speakers, saying we've "kicked the can down the road" by putting off investments in transportation. He said dwindling resources have for too long pitted various interest groups against one another: Suburbs versus cities, rural communities versus urban areas, drivers versus rail and transit unions. "That has got to stop and it's got to stop now," Curtatone told a crowd of more than 100 from a dais set up on the main floor of the station.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said that needed reforms have taken place so that new revenue won't be wasted by being poured into a "broken system."

Gov. Deval Patrick shook up the way transportation is managed in the state. The state's Secretary of Transportation, Richard Davey, said the MBTA and Department of Transportation have cut costs, trimmed employee benefits back to private-sector levels and improved customer service.

That sets the stage for politicians to begin the push for new taxes, though that word wasn't used. "Now it's time for new revenue," Menino said. "We must find sustainable funding for investments in the commonwealth's infrastructure."  


Danvers Bi-Peds
The Bi-Peds and the Town of Danvers have been important partners with Essex Heritage in promoting and developing the Border to Boston regional rail trail from Danvers to Salisbury. Through their diligent work, the phase 1 of the Danvers portion of this walking and cycling trail was recently opened to the public. The opening celebration was held on June 2 and despite the torrential rain that day, there was a very festive opening ceremony at the Danvers Indoor Sports Arena where local politicians lead by Selectman Bill Clarke spoke of the many years it took to realize the dream of this recreational trail and local school children cut the celebratory ribbon. The new interpretive signs, funded in part by Essex Heritage, were displayed. These signs will be installed along the trail by volunteers this coming weekend (June 23-24).  

Trail Meetings and Bi-PedEvents:
 • On June 11, the Bi-Peds held a regularly scheduled meeting at the Carriage House at Endicott Park where new board members were officially welcomed. Plans were started to make the coming year be the ‘Year of the Sidewalk’. The public is welcome to attend these meetings and to “bring your concerns and ideas for making Danvers a safer place to bike and walk.”
 • On June 21, there was a Rail Trail Advisory Committee that met at the Toomey Room, Town Hall. All Monthly meetings are open to the public and are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month. For more information, contact Kate Day - Senior Planner, 978-777-0001, ext 3029, kday@mail.danvers-ma.org. It is the place where you can “share your concerns & learn about the latest developments.”
Upcoming: Sunday, July 1, 2012 - It’s My Heart Walk – For the past several years, the Bi-Peds have had a table during Endicott Park Day to give out helmets funded by a state grant. This year the Bi-Peds did not receive the grant but in the spirit of Danvers Family Festival being “DAYS OF FUN”, the Bi-Peds will assist with a walk sponsored by It’s My Heart - a non-profit organization created to provide support to and be advocate for those affected by Acquired and Congenital Heart Defects (CHD). The Ouimette family is very active in this group and will be looking for volunteers to help that day. Contact Ron Ouimette at rouimette@verizon.net or (978) 985-8084 or Ingrid Barry at at 978-774-8159 or ibarry@danversbipeds.org if you can volunteer.  

Bi-Ped officers for the coming year:
• President: Ingrid Barry
• Vice President: Laura Cilley
• Treasurer: Peter Maddocks 
• Secretary: Ron Ouimette 
• Membership secretary: Larry Tormey 
• Directors: Susan Balsley, Tom Barry, Lew Hathaway, Linda Matthews, Heidi Wallingford

 Bi-Peds Goals: As the organization moves into it’s 11th year, we hope to continue to assist the rail trail when the need arises but also hope to put more of our emphasis on the safety of the sidewalks of Danvers.


Peabody Farmers Market Program Calling for Volunteers
As the City of Peabody gets closer to the planned opening of their two Farmers Markets that operate on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s through fall 2012. City officials are calling for volunteers who would be willing to help set up and then tear down the booths and assist the vendors as they prepare for the markets. The markets will run through the early fall. If you are interested in volunteering some time to this important community project, please contact Pam Lombardi, the Peabody Market Manager at pjlombardi@comvast.net or call her at 978-745-9592.  

Murals in the Region
Call them cultural in nature, but murals prepared by professionals and volunteers are becoming very popular in the region. The City of Salem will soon be showing off two examples of this art form, and there are plans for murals currently under development in other communities in the Essex Heritage region.

From June 21 through July 12, art work made by students working with the Art Department at the Peabody High School will be displayed at the Peabody Community Arts Center on Foster Street. The show opened with a public reception on June 21.  

Lynn Schools Receives Music Award
The City of Lynn school district recently received national recognition for the excellent quality of their music program. The district was selected by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation as one of its 2012 Best Communities for Music Education. The announcement said that: “The foundation annually awards the designation to districts and schools across the country that commit to making music education a core part of their curriculums.” Eight years ago only 15 students were playing stringed instruments. Now more than 500 have joined the program which is so popular that it now has its very own all-city strings concert. Lynn was one of 176 schools nationwide to receive this award. Congratulations Lynn Public Schools! 


Spaulding Appreciation Dinner
As a result of our participation on a Patient Spaulding Advisory Committee that meets monthly, that offers advice and counsel to the management of Spaulding Rehabilitation in Salem to improve patient interactions, my wife and I were invited and attended an Appreciation dinner held at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel on the Salem Common on June 12, 2012. The event was offered by the hospital to thank dozens of volunteers who provide support at various levels. In addition to a pleasant Hawthorne Hotel meal offered by the most competent and gracious staff, the hospital invited Ms. Joanne Patton, the owner and operator of Green Meadow Farm, a Hamilton resident and a very generous regional philanthropist, to offer some of her observations to the gathered volunteers. For many year, Essex Heritage has had a most fruitful partnership relationship with the farm. Green Meadows has been a regular host of wonderful events during the Essex Heritage annual Trails & Sails – Two Weekends of Walks and Water every fall. The farm has also provided educational partnership events for our membership. I spent a few pleasant moments that evening with Ms. Patton discussing our relationship.

Regional High School Sports Update
I want to offer my personal congratulations to all of the local regional high school athletes who participated in the spring MIAA playoffs. Some of the students participated deep into the playoffs and others were eliminated early in the playoffs, but all were worthy participants. Regardless of the level of individual participation - congratulations to all of you who participated.

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Essex Happenings, JUNE 15, 2011

Essex Happenings…June 15 ESSEX HERITAGE ACTIVITIES SECRETARY OF STATE WILLIAM GALVIN PRESENTED 2012 HISTORIC PRESERVATION AWARD TO ANNIE C. HARRIS Secretary of the Commonwealth William Francis Galvin, Chairman of the Massachusetts Historical Commission, presented an award to Annie C. Harris, to receive the Massachusetts Historical Commission’s 2012 Individual Lifetime Achievement Award. “The Massachusetts Historical Commission is proud to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of this year’s awardees,” said Secretary Galvin. “For nearly 40 years, Ms. Harris has demonstrated outstanding preservation leadership and innovation at the local, state, and national levels, and has made significant contributions to the preservation of the Commonwealth’s historic resources.” Annie C. Harris received her Masters of Architecture from MIT and an MBA from Harvard. She began her career in Lowell, where, as part of the early Lowell Plan study team, she helped create the city’s innovative, urban National Historical Park. Then, Ms. Harris worked for the Crowninshield Corporation, an early leader in adaptive reuse and historic preservation, and in the City of Boston, where she specialized in federal historic rehabilitation tax credit projects. She later switched to the nonprofit sector, becoming the third executive director of The Salem Partnership, a public-private alliance that facilitates collaboration between businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to promote projects that restore and revitalize Salem’s historic assets. The Salem Partnership, under Ms. Harris’s direction, assisted in the expansion of the Maritime National Historic Site’s boundaries, development of the National Park Service’s Regional Visitor Center in Salem, restoration of the historic Derby and Central Wharves, and construction of the replica tall ship Friendship. Under the auspices of the Salem Partnership, Ms. Harris led the effort to create the Essex National Heritage Area—comprised of the 34 communities of Essex County—which was officially designated by the U.S. Congress in 1996. The Essex National Heritage Area formed its own management corporation in 1997, with Ms. Harris as the founding Executive Director of the Essex National Heritage Commission, where she remains today. The National Heritage Area and its affiliated commission oversee projects that preserve, promote, and protect the region’s historic structures, scenic roadways, maritime resources, and archival materials. Ms. Harris also serves in a national leadership position as the Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Alliance of National Heritage Areas. In November 2010, she was appointed for a two-year term to the Planning Committee of the National Park System Advisory Board. Ms. Harris has been active for many years in civic and community organizations around Salem and the North Shore, and has been on many committees and boards. She served for twelve years on the Salem Historical Commission—for six as its chair—and has lived in the McIntire Historic District in Salem for more than 30 years. This is the 34th year of MHC’s Preservation Awards program. Projects are considered annually for awards in the categories of Rehabilitation and Restoration, Adaptive Reuse, Education and Outreach, Archaeology, Stewardship, and Landscape Preservation. Individuals are considered in the categories of Individual Lifetime Achievement and Local Preservationist. Secretary Galvin serves as the chair of the 17-member Massachusetts Historical Commission. Secretary Galvin will present the awards at an afternoon ceremony on May 30, 2012, at the Massachusetts Archives Building at 220 Morrissey Blvd., Dorchester. Ms. Harris is one of 12 individuals, projects, and organizations to be honored. The Massachusetts Historical Commission is the office of the State Historic Preservation Officer and the State Archaeologist. It was established in 1963 to identify, evaluate, and protect important historical and archaeological assets of the Commonwealth. Visit our website to learn more about the Commission’s programs. ENHC PARTNERS: COMMUNITY AND ORGANIZATIONAL Danvers Family Festival Baron Mayer Award I am very pleased that the organizers of the Danvers Family Festival have named a Barron Mayer Award winner for 2012. I will not be able to attend the dinner when she will receive the award, so I have sent the following message to be read at the dinner to honor Anna Bertini. Anna, I want to offer you my warmest congratulations on being named the 2012 Baron Mayer Award. You are a most worthy and deserving recipient of the award. Your efforts to make this community a better place for all of us to live, work and enjoy has been exemplary and I am proud that my name and yours will be linked as Baron Mayer Award winners in the future. It is most unfortunate for me to say, but I find the location of your award presentation very difficult for me to attend and I wanted to offer my congratulation in this manner. I wish you continuing good luck in the future and I am certain that you will continue to be a wonderful participating member of this community for years to come. Thomas M. Leonard. 2011 Baron Mayer Award Winner Garden Dedication at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Last year, just after I was discharged from Spaulding-North Hospital, a project to create a healing garden at that location was undertaken. As a result of the help and treatments received at the hospital, my wife and I decided to provide support of that project. The work is now complete and the garden was dedicated earlier this month. We were invited to the dedication ceremony and were most pleased with the way the garden was completed. It is a wonderful addition to the hospital facility and will be a welcome addition for many patients. Boys and Girls Club Artists The artists from the Boys and Girls Club in conjunction with the Peabody Essex Museum and the North Shore Community Development Corporation have created a mural for the Salem Point area that will be viewed and dedicated on June 12, 2012. For more information, contact the club at 978 744 0915 or at www.bgcgs.org. More information from North Shore Elder Services COMMUNITY HEATH AND ELDERLY AFFAIRS Annual Senior Picnic in Danvers The Family Festival Senior Picnic will be held on Tuesday, June 26th from 11 AM-2 PM at the Danvers Council on Aging, 25 Stone Street. Danvers residents, age 60 and older, are invited to enjoy a wonderful luncheon of – grilled sausage with pepper and onions, marinated chicken kabobs, homemade rice pilaf, cole slaw, hot fudge or strawberry sundaes. Tickets are $5.00 each and will be available beginning Friday, June 1st at 10 AM. There will be open seating (both indoors and out) for this event. Entertainment presented by the legendary Paul Wayne. The Kiwanis Club of Danvers will assist with cooking and serving, as always! This event sells out every year, so get your tickets early! 7th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Elder abuse, like domestic violence and child abuse, comes in many forms. Experts recognize it, as a public health crisis for which there is no socio-economic borders. Millions of older Americans are abused, neglected, or exploited each year with an estimated 84% of the cases going unreported. However, June provides a great opportunity to shed light on the problem of elder abuse and generate support for your programs and services. June 15th has been designated as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, with 2012 marking the 7th anniversary of World Day. This year the White House Office of Public Engagement, in collaboration with federal partners from the Administration for Community Living/Department of Health and Human Services, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Department of Justice, is hosting a daylong symposium in recognition of the 7th annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The event is being held the White House on June 14, 2012 to highlight the problem of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. This historic event will bring together public and private partners with key roles in addressing financial exploitation from across the nation, including the unique role that financial exploitation plays in the wider problem of elder abuse PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS Life Celebration of a Former Bank Executive Last week I attended a celebration of life for a former boss and the President and CEO of the Salem Five Bank. He was President of the bank for about half of the forty years that community bank employed me. Al Cole replaced the President who hired me and was quite a bit different than that president. Al was much more participatory in the day-to-day business of the bank. The life and accomplishments of Alton P. Cole was celebrated at a gathering with many former and present bank employees and several of his family members at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem. Al was the leader of the bank for twenty years and helped create the road towards community participation that is so prevalent today. He was also responsible for creating an Eastern Massachusetts mortgage origination strategy. That strategy continues today as the Salem Five Mortgage Company Is still one of the leading mortgage origination firms in the Commonwealth. Al was a great leader and at the same time was a good friend. It was under Al’s leadership that this bank under took the creation and development of the Pickering Wharf project that many believed could have been responsible for the current resurgence of the waterfront in Salem and the expansion of the Salem Maritime Historic Site. His influence was not limited just to Salem as he served as the volunteer president of a regional organization, The North Shore Economic Council for Economic Development that was a forerunner of the North Shore Economic Alliance recently organized by the college institutions in this region. He lured Robert Curtis, the then long term Town Manager of the Town of Danvers to lead the organization and provided space in a bank owned property to house the Council. The work accomplished by that organization may have been a bit ahead of its time, but the work accomplished by that group, laid the groundwork for regional groups including Essex Heritage that followed the accomplished regional objectives of the North Shore Economic Council. He is survived by his wife and three sons and a stepdaughter, several of whom who were in attendance at the celebration service. Mr. Cole was a graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine and served in the United States Navy during World War Two. He was employed by several banks in the state including a bank in Worcester where he worked before he came to Salem. He has lived since his retirement at Hilton Head in South Carolina, but during the summers, he would often come back to visit his roots in New England. Al was an avid golfer and enjoyed sports of all kinds. I greatly enjoyed my participation with Al and feel strongly that he was a great leader for a community bank and an entire community. He made the organization, warm and caring, but at the same time the bank was competitive and most businesslike, and provided aggressive programs that provided excellent banking services to the residents of this region. Al Cole was a most committed mutual savings banker and was a strong contributor to the economy and the growth of the City of Salem, and will long be fondly remembered by those of us who worked with him and benefited from his leadership. He made this community stronger when he was the leader of the Salem Five Cents Savings Bank as it was then known and certainly was a contributor to the life of the City of Salem during his tenure at the bank. 50TH Wedding Anniversary My wife and I recently celebrated five decades of marriage at an informal event organized by our two sons held before about 50 members of out family and many long term personal friends including some members of our wedding party. The event included a mass celebrated by an old childhood friend, Father John O’Donnell followed by a brunch all held on the campus of St. John’s Prep. We are most appreciative of the generosity of the Xaverian Brothers and the current Headmaster and staff for their help in making this event so special. We wanted no gifts so we asked for and received many contributions from guests to the Danvers Food Pantry and the St. john’s Prep Scholarship Fund. After the recent award program offered by Essex Heritage and now this initiative organized by out two sons, we want no more special events for either of us. Celebration in Topsfield On a most inclement afternoon on Saturday, June 2, 2012, we attended an open house at a condominium project in Topsfield. The developers were in attendance at the Essex Heritage Hero event and invited Marge and I, to a clambake to help promote their real estate effort. The project called English Commons at Topsfield was most impressive and we enjoyed speaking with several people that we have known for many years. The event was most enjoyable although it took a substantial effort to attend with all of the rain that fell during our visit.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Essex Happenings

Essex Happenings…..June 8, 2012 Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year Congratulations to Coral Gil for being named the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year for 2012. The winner was recently rewarded with a dinner at the 99 Restaurant which was attended by many staff and board members. The youth won the award through hard work and a high level of enthusiasm at the Salem Club and everyone connected with the effort is justifiably proud. North Shore Chamber Executive Breakfast Series The Annual “State of the Region” by North Shore Municipal Leaders will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7:15am at the Peabody Marriott Hotel in Peabody. Join over 250 business leaders at this forum. At this Executive Breakfast, each municipal leader will have an opportunity to address one major issue in their community that will have an impact on the North Shore. They will address issues such as Economic Development, Regional Cooperation, Infrastructure Improvements, to name a few. Karen Andreas, Chair of the North Shore of Chamber of Commerce will moderate this timely forum. This address offers a unique opportunity to learn what is happening in the Region. I was unable to attend this meeting, but will report later on their comments. Gloucester to Issue Beach Stickers Now that summer is around the corner, the City of Gloucester has begun the process of issuing stickers to gain access to the beaches of that community. The stickers that are most certainly non-transferable are available now at the City Hall. The stickers are priced from $20 to $250 and are available to residents, non-resident property owners and non-residents as well. There is also a senior price that has been established for the resident stickers as well. There are specific locations where the stickers must be affixed. Instructions for placement of the sticker will be provided by the City at the time the sticker is purchased These stickers are most valuable for beach goers of this region as the beaches are one of the major assets of the City of Gloucester. Farmers Market Opens for the Season The Town of Middleton has announced that the community’s market will open for its second season on June 13, 2012. The market operates each weekend from 3 to 7 pm in the parking lot of Angelica’s restaurant at the junction of Routes 114 and 62. The market operates rain or shine and many of last year’s vendors have returned as well as new farm opportunities from this State as well as from New Hampshire and Maine. This is a project that is supported by many local businesses, as it is most reasonable to believe that the market creates traffic and business in the area on days the market operates. Town Voters Consider Projects On June 21st, voters from Marblehead will head to the polls to cast ballots on spending plans for four distinct issues. The voters will decide weather to borrow money to fix downtown sewers, renovate old Town Hall, purchase an old industrial building at the Lead Mills that will create open space with water views and to acquire a new Fire Truck. All of the proposed purchases recently passed at Town Meeting and now need voter approval to raise the required funding. The purchase of the property on the Salem line will be a joint effort connected with that community. Newburyport Names Winner of Molin Award In June 2012, Richard Eaton, the President of the Newburyport Five Cents Saving Bank, who several yeas ago was a founding member of the Newburyport Educational Foundation will receive the 2012 Edward Molin Award for his leadership and support of that organization from that group. The education foundation was founded a decade ago and Eaton’s advocacy for public education in that community has been unequaled. Eaton and the bank have long been most committed to the advancement of public education. The bank has also been a most committed supporter of Essex Heritage and that support has been much appreciated. Their support and commitment has been valuable, as other organizations have followed their lead. For more information about the Molin award visit www.newburyportef.org Arts Event in Salem I am too late to get this announcement into this BLOG on a timely manner. But it is worth still reporting the effort that goes into planning and operating such an effort. Much work was expended to get the event planned and implemented. The event was offered in Salem at numerous locations, during the first weekend in June and the event drew artists, poets, musicians and photographers who all added to the “feel” of the planned weekend. This is fast becoming a staple on the Salem scene and grows bigger and more diverse each year. It certainly highlights the diverse nature and life styles of the people who live in and visit Salem. Beverly Council to Address Budget The Beverly City council is scheduled to meet multiple times over the next several weeks with a primary agenda of approving a city budget for the new year that begins on July 1 2012. The meetings are all scheduled for 7:00 pm and will be held at the City Hall. During this period it will be the responsibility of Beverly Mayor William Scanlon to present a proposed budget for action by the council. This process is being repeated across the region in all communities. Each community has different methods of getting the budget process in place and in most cases the city process is very different from the methods used in the smaller towns, but the results are the same, as the bottom line is the creation of a plan to financially manage local communities. Governor Dedicates solar project at Cummings Center Governor Patrick visited the Cummings Center in Beverly as they dedicated the installation of over 2000 solar panels on the roofs of the two property garages. The buildings in Beverly have also had other energy efficient improvements installed including lighting and heating adjustments. There are several companies within the Beverly complex that offers support to other organizations who wish to add energy efficient components to buildings in this region. Two Inducted into Haverhill Hall of Fame For the first time since 2000 the Haverhill Hall of Fame has elected two new members to join the Hall. This important community recognition award that was created in 1985 is a most valuable community asset is a most superlative award? On May 12th a ceremony was held at the public library to honor the two new inductees. This year, a local philanthropist, A. Raymond Tye who anonymously paid medical bulls for those unable to pay for those medical expenses. In addition, Ezekiel J.M. Hale a business tycoon was named to the Hall for his work in establishing the community’s first public library and the founding of the local hospital. The Haverhill Hall of Fame, created by its originators to recognize deceased city residents who achieved fame in their lifetimes has been important to the history of that Merrimack Valley community. The fame of the inductees brought recognition to the larger community of the state, Country and the world. Tye passed away in 2010 and Hale has been dead since 1881. The two new inductees join such luminaries as John Greenleaf Whittier, Poet and abolitionist, and movie mogul Louis B. Mayer who are recognized in the Hall, through their induction.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Essex Happenings, June 5, 2012

Essex Happenings….. June 5, 2012 Endecott Pear Tree Event The Essex National Heritage Commission, in collaboration with Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care and the Danvers Historical Society will present an event and visit to the Endecott Pear Tree, deemed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be the oldest living fruit tree in North America. The evening program will take place on Tuesday, June 19 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Mass General/North Shore facility located at 102 Endicott Street in Danvers. The event is open to the public. Tickets are $5 for Essex Heritage and Danvers Historical Society members and $10 for non-members. Registration is required. Please see the following press release that contains additional information on the event. Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care, Essex Heritage and Danvers Historical Society Present the Endecott Pear Tree Evening May 23, 2012 (Salem) The evening program will take place on Tuesday, June 19 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at the Mass General/North Shore facility located at 102 Endicott Street in Danvers. The event is open to the public. Tickets are $5 for Essex Heritage and Danvers Historical Society members and $10 for non-members. Registration is required. The evening will feature a walking tour of the Endecott Pear Tree, a dedication by the Colonial Dames, pear-themed refreshments and an event with Dr. Karen Krag, a Medical Oncologist with the Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center, on the history of women healers on the North Shore. As an event this is part of the Endecott-Endicott family reunion with over 100 descendants of the First Governor of Massachusetts gathering at Endicott College in Beverly, MA from June 17-22, 2012. “We look forward to the second in our series of collaborative lectures offered here on the North Shore,” said Annie C. Harris, Executive Director of the Essex National Heritage Commission. “The partnership with Mass General/North Shore and Danvers Historical Society enables us to combine our resources to preserve and promote the cultural, historical and environmental importance of the Endecott Pear Tree.” Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care became caretakers of this tree when it acquired the land from Osram-Sylvania. This year, a scion from the original tree has been planted in the facility’s Healing Garden and will be dedicated by the Endicott/Endecott Family Association. “We are glad to continue our focus on health and history in providing opportunities for our community to appreciate this unique tree,” said Elena Sierra, R.N., Executive Director, Mass. General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care. “We are proud to be stewards of Governor Endicott’s historic pear tree – the oldest living fruit tree in America – and its new scion, the youngest historic fruit tree in America.” Danvers Trail Dedication On June 2, 2012 the Town of Danvers dedicated and held an official ribbon cutting ceremony on their Rail Trail. The trail that was first envisioned several decades ago, while not 100 percent completed the trail is now 100% passable over its 4.3-mile distance from Peabody to Wenham over a long abandoned rail trail. The event was originally scheduled to be held on the trail but was moved inside by the inclement weather and was held indoor at the Danvers soccer facility on Andover Street. All of the events were moved inside. The event was organized and implemented by the Danvers Rail Trail Advisory Committee and the date was an important consideration as June 2nd is also National Trail Day. There were events scheduled all day, starting with a visit to the Swamp Walk project on the Wenham end of the route, a celebratory breakfast and events geared to satisfy all ages. In addition to the dedication of the trail, a series of sign posts prepared with the help of a partnership grant from Essex Heritage were also dedicated. Event for Senator Berry "Salute to Senator Fred Berry" Wednesday Evening, June 20, 2012 Danversport Yacht Club As you know, Senator Berry has worked closely with the Partnership and the Essex for all of the last two decades, 25 years. His support has been critical in many of our initiatives. All Proceeds will benefit the Fred Berry Charitable Fund. MBTA PUBLIC MEETING TO BE OFFERED FOCUSING ON THE TRAIN STATION PARKING GARAGE PROGRESS WILL BE HELD ON 6/26/12 The MBTA Station Improvements and Parking Garage public meeting on the 30% design will be held on June 26, 2012 at 6:30PM at the Carlton School. It was rescheduled from June 12, 2012. This is a major initiative of The Partnership and all members are urged to attend. SALEM PARTNERSHIP DIRECTOR SENT ME INFORMATION ON SALEM PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND THE PLANNED EVENT IS SO IMPORTANT TO MANY LOCAL RESIDENTS THAT I WANTED TO REPORT IT HERE. On JUNE 11, 2012, for one hour starting at 7:00 the Community Advisory Board for Education will present an OPEN MEETING at the Enterprise Center (121 Loring Avenue) at Salem State University to help all interested to learn about a Math/Science initiative designed to inspire Salem school children. All are invited. It has been about a half a dozen year since the Massachusetts health care law was enacted. Because Health care is such an important element of the decision we will all have to make later this year, I have provided the information from Director Lanzikos on North Shore Elder Services to help with your understanding Massachusetts Health Care Reform: Six Years Later In 2006, then-Gov. Mitt Romney signed Massachusetts' Comprehensive Health Reform designed to provide near-universal health insurance coverage for state residents. Building on a long history of health reform efforts, the state embarked on an ambitious plan to promote shared individual, employer, and government responsibility.
 This brief examines Massachusetts' experience with coverage and access to care over the last six years, as well as the state's ongoing efforts to deal with persistent high Health care costs. The brief also compares Massachusetts health reform with the national reforms included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed into law by President Obama in 2010. Cummings Center Awards Local Organizations Funding The Cummings Center and its foundation recently provided local hospitals and educational institutional grants. One of the hospitals was Spaulding in Salem, where an adaptive sports program was funded. Last year I participated in a hand cycling program as part of their larger program and where I will participate again in 2012. Calling All Volunteers Are you looking for a way to spend your free time? Help volunteer around Essex County! We have some great new opportunities. If you are a site and need some volunteers, send us your scoop. Thanks! Volunteer Opportunities, Essex National Heritage Commission, Massachusetts www.essexheritage.org Volunteers are a key cornerstone of the preservation, protection and enhancement of the unique and important resources of Essex County. We are hoping to provide information to individuals looking to help out and also serve as a resource for businesses and organizations around Essex County today. Contact us if interested at www,essexheritage.org Congratulations to the many graduates from all of the Essex County communities In spite of local graduations being plagued by weather. We want to offer our best wishes to the many local boys and girls that have received diplomas over the last couple of weeks. Good Luck in the years ahead weather it is at college, the military or working in the local economy.

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Essex Happnings

Welcome to LeadingAge Massachusetts What's New? LeadingAge Massachusetts, formerly MassAging, is the only organization representing the full continuum of mission-driven, not-for-profit providers of health care, housing, and services for older persons in Massachusetts. Members of LeadingAge Massachusetts provide housing and services to more than 25,000 older persons in the Commonwealth each year. The mission of LeadingAge Massachusetts is to Expand the World of Possibilities for Aging. We strive for this by leading in innovative practices that transform how we care for our aging population, spear-heading cutting-edge initiatives to develop services that meet older adults’ needs and preferences, and advocating to advance the interests of the aging consumer. I recently received a copy of the monthly newsletter from an organization known now as LeadingAge Massachusetts from North Shore Elder Services in Danvers. They were previously known as MassAging. Since they are so focused of the elderly. It seemed worthwhile to print an excerpt from that report. 2012 Annual Conference a Success! More than 450 members, affiliates and others packed the Holiday Inn, Boxboro on Wednesday, May 2nd for LeadingAge Massachusetts’ 2012 Annual Conference and Exhibition. The theme of this year’s conference, Inspire. Serve. Advocate was on display in full force during the numerous inspirational and informational sessions presented. The day kicked-off with an engaging multi-media keynote presentation, delivered by LeadingAge C.E.O. Larry Minnix. Through his words and use of effective video clips, Larry discussed LeadingAge’s Leadership Imperatives and examples of transformational change taking place among not-for-profit providers across the country. The keynote was followed by eleven other breakout sessions on topics ranging from use of Expressive Therapies in dementia care, becoming a Valued Partner in Health Care Reform, Memoir Writing for Seniors, The Village Movement and much more. Participants commented on the high quality and relevance of the educational offerings. In addition to an education-packed day, the conference provided an opportunity for members to learn about the more than 75 businesses exhibiting relevant products and services during the trade show. In case you weren't able to attend, click here to access a list of conference exhibitors. Check out photos from the conference on our Facebook page. Local Danvers Church to offer a Town Hall Type Meeting The leadership team of St. Richard’s Parish in Danvers that includes members of both the Parish and Finance Council will offer an informative meeting in a Town Hall Meeting format on June 10, 2012 at 10:00 AM in the church for all parishioners. The changes that may now occur as a result of moves established by the Archdiocese of Boston and expected changes at the other catholic church in Danvers, plus an update on the current activities at the Forrest Street location will be outlined. We expect the meeting will last less than one hour, and all in invited. Lynch Park Carriage House Rehabilitation On a recent Sunday afternoon, the folks that have undertaken the restoration of the carriage house at Lynch Park in Beverly held an open house to show off their work and the $400,000 in improvements that have been made. The work to improve the facility have been underway for quite some time, and Essex Heritage had the opportunity about one year ago to hold one of our annual meetings in that spectacular sea side location. We showcased the work done even though there were more improvements to follow. We had a wonderful Meeting and the leadership of this project was wonderful hosts for us. All that were attendance at our event were incredibly impressed with the work that had been done to date, and agreed that if promoted properly in the future the location could become a premier, much desired for occasions of all types. We certainly hope that when people in the region visit the location that bookings are created for the future. Beverly Offered Mayors Bike Ride The city of Beverly conducted a community Mayors bike ride over a recent weekend. Mayor Scanlon joined the riders on the free three-mile ride that was designed to bring attention to the City as bile friendly. While the ride was free contributions to support the River House. Historic Salem Church Undergoes Restoration The Historic First Church of Salem has recently been rehabilitated and offered a recent open house for area residents to view the work that was just rewarded with a preservation award by Historic Salem. The church located on Essex Street opened first for services in 1629 received a substantial renovation that totaled just short od two million dollars. The interior of the church is now much more handicapped accessible for wheelchairs and that fact is most important to me. The building is now complete with an elevator and handicapped bathrooms, sand is now most welcoming. Turners Seafood Seeks Opening in Danvers At the annual Town Meeting in Danvers, the body considered an application by Turner Sea Food for an all-alcoholic license. Since the Town does not have a current application. It will apply to the Commonwealth for a special license. Turner’s operates two other seafood restaurants in the region. And if approved the new location by the Hollywood Hits location would be a most positive addition to the Town, and would create one hundred new jobs and would be most beneficial in many ways. Newburyport Chamber to Hold Lunch The Newburyport Chamber will hold its annual luncheon event on May 31, 2012 at the Black Swan Country Club in Georgetown, Ma. The event held annually featured Ms. Judith Bowman as the featured speaker. Ms. Bowman is a nationally known speaker on Corporate etiquette, networking and presentation skills. In addition to her presentation, the annual Edward Molin Community Service Award will be presented and an annual election of officers and Board Trustees will take place. Beverly Summer School The Beverly School Department has announced that Sumer school this year will begin on July 9th and will continue until August 3rd and will be conducted at the Beverly High School. Town Meeting Time The annual Town Meting for the Town of Danvers was held on May 21, 2012 at the Holten-Richmond Middle School. The body approved a $96.3 million dollar budget for the upcoming year and several other warrant matters. City of Peabody Conducted Cleanup Earlier this week, Mayor Ted Bettencourt of Peabody. invited residents of that city to volunteer their services to a cleanup day that will enhance the appearance of the community. Lunch was served to the volunteers and the cleanup day was a small part of the Pride in Peabody initiative that was designed to ignite citizen participation in a year long effort, Girls Lacrosse I must admit that even though I have become a big fan of the Girls Lacrosse program in the Town of Danvers, I can truthfully say that I do not understand all of the niceties of the game, and have not figured out the reason for all of the stoppages in play. I do know that this is a most successful program and in 2012 they have made the State playoffs for the second year in a row, and now have one win in that tournament. They now play again today in Winchester. I must also confess that I have a most personal interest in the team as I have a granddaughter. Catherine Leonard who participates and has contributed a number of goals from her mid-fielder position. We look forward to the playoff season, and hope that they can produce a meaningful performance at that level.