Friday, June 8, 2012

Essex Happenings

Essex Happenings…..June 8, 2012 Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year Congratulations to Coral Gil for being named the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year for 2012. The winner was recently rewarded with a dinner at the 99 Restaurant which was attended by many staff and board members. The youth won the award through hard work and a high level of enthusiasm at the Salem Club and everyone connected with the effort is justifiably proud. North Shore Chamber Executive Breakfast Series The Annual “State of the Region” by North Shore Municipal Leaders will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 7:15am at the Peabody Marriott Hotel in Peabody. Join over 250 business leaders at this forum. At this Executive Breakfast, each municipal leader will have an opportunity to address one major issue in their community that will have an impact on the North Shore. They will address issues such as Economic Development, Regional Cooperation, Infrastructure Improvements, to name a few. Karen Andreas, Chair of the North Shore of Chamber of Commerce will moderate this timely forum. This address offers a unique opportunity to learn what is happening in the Region. I was unable to attend this meeting, but will report later on their comments. Gloucester to Issue Beach Stickers Now that summer is around the corner, the City of Gloucester has begun the process of issuing stickers to gain access to the beaches of that community. The stickers that are most certainly non-transferable are available now at the City Hall. The stickers are priced from $20 to $250 and are available to residents, non-resident property owners and non-residents as well. There is also a senior price that has been established for the resident stickers as well. There are specific locations where the stickers must be affixed. Instructions for placement of the sticker will be provided by the City at the time the sticker is purchased These stickers are most valuable for beach goers of this region as the beaches are one of the major assets of the City of Gloucester. Farmers Market Opens for the Season The Town of Middleton has announced that the community’s market will open for its second season on June 13, 2012. The market operates each weekend from 3 to 7 pm in the parking lot of Angelica’s restaurant at the junction of Routes 114 and 62. The market operates rain or shine and many of last year’s vendors have returned as well as new farm opportunities from this State as well as from New Hampshire and Maine. This is a project that is supported by many local businesses, as it is most reasonable to believe that the market creates traffic and business in the area on days the market operates. Town Voters Consider Projects On June 21st, voters from Marblehead will head to the polls to cast ballots on spending plans for four distinct issues. The voters will decide weather to borrow money to fix downtown sewers, renovate old Town Hall, purchase an old industrial building at the Lead Mills that will create open space with water views and to acquire a new Fire Truck. All of the proposed purchases recently passed at Town Meeting and now need voter approval to raise the required funding. The purchase of the property on the Salem line will be a joint effort connected with that community. Newburyport Names Winner of Molin Award In June 2012, Richard Eaton, the President of the Newburyport Five Cents Saving Bank, who several yeas ago was a founding member of the Newburyport Educational Foundation will receive the 2012 Edward Molin Award for his leadership and support of that organization from that group. The education foundation was founded a decade ago and Eaton’s advocacy for public education in that community has been unequaled. Eaton and the bank have long been most committed to the advancement of public education. The bank has also been a most committed supporter of Essex Heritage and that support has been much appreciated. Their support and commitment has been valuable, as other organizations have followed their lead. For more information about the Molin award visit Arts Event in Salem I am too late to get this announcement into this BLOG on a timely manner. But it is worth still reporting the effort that goes into planning and operating such an effort. Much work was expended to get the event planned and implemented. The event was offered in Salem at numerous locations, during the first weekend in June and the event drew artists, poets, musicians and photographers who all added to the “feel” of the planned weekend. This is fast becoming a staple on the Salem scene and grows bigger and more diverse each year. It certainly highlights the diverse nature and life styles of the people who live in and visit Salem. Beverly Council to Address Budget The Beverly City council is scheduled to meet multiple times over the next several weeks with a primary agenda of approving a city budget for the new year that begins on July 1 2012. The meetings are all scheduled for 7:00 pm and will be held at the City Hall. During this period it will be the responsibility of Beverly Mayor William Scanlon to present a proposed budget for action by the council. This process is being repeated across the region in all communities. Each community has different methods of getting the budget process in place and in most cases the city process is very different from the methods used in the smaller towns, but the results are the same, as the bottom line is the creation of a plan to financially manage local communities. Governor Dedicates solar project at Cummings Center Governor Patrick visited the Cummings Center in Beverly as they dedicated the installation of over 2000 solar panels on the roofs of the two property garages. The buildings in Beverly have also had other energy efficient improvements installed including lighting and heating adjustments. There are several companies within the Beverly complex that offers support to other organizations who wish to add energy efficient components to buildings in this region. Two Inducted into Haverhill Hall of Fame For the first time since 2000 the Haverhill Hall of Fame has elected two new members to join the Hall. This important community recognition award that was created in 1985 is a most valuable community asset is a most superlative award? On May 12th a ceremony was held at the public library to honor the two new inductees. This year, a local philanthropist, A. Raymond Tye who anonymously paid medical bulls for those unable to pay for those medical expenses. In addition, Ezekiel J.M. Hale a business tycoon was named to the Hall for his work in establishing the community’s first public library and the founding of the local hospital. The Haverhill Hall of Fame, created by its originators to recognize deceased city residents who achieved fame in their lifetimes has been important to the history of that Merrimack Valley community. The fame of the inductees brought recognition to the larger community of the state, Country and the world. Tye passed away in 2010 and Hale has been dead since 1881. The two new inductees join such luminaries as John Greenleaf Whittier, Poet and abolitionist, and movie mogul Louis B. Mayer who are recognized in the Hall, through their induction.

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