Monday, October 19, 2009

Essex Heritage Annual Meeting, Northeast Harvest, Tax Credit Act, Park Service Officials to Meet in Salem


Essex Heritage Annual Meeting in Hamilton Tomorrow

We are now just one day away from convening the Annual Meeting of the Essex Heritage Commission at the Community House in Hamilton. We have always thought it important to hold these regional meetings in unusual locations around the region that we serve, and the meeting in the morning will be no different. We are pleased to be calling the meeting to order for the first time in Hamilton. The Community House is a special place where so many wonderful Hamilton social and business events have been held, and we feel privileged to have been allowed to use the facility for our meeting. We expect attendance to be high at the meeting and also anticipate that will be many in the audience who have never been in this facility before. That will serve our purpose quite nicely as it will continue our tradition of bringing our partners and associates to locations not easily accessible to the general public. We are also pleased that Hamilton Selectman William Bowler, will attend the meeting representing our host community and will bring the greetings of the Town of Hamilton to the meeting

This meeting will also mark the end of the term of office of Ms. Nancy Huntington Stager who has served as the Essex Heritage President for these last two years. Ms. Stager who serves as an Executive Vice President managing the Human Resources function for Eastern Bank has been a special leader for the Commission during her term of office. Nancy has lead by example and has exhibited an exceptional style of management as she has taken the status and standing of the Commission in the region to new heights. Ms Stager will be honored at the Annual Meeting and her commitment to the mission of Essex Heritage will be noted with a special award given by Essex Heritage and our senior partner, the National Park Service.

The October 2009 meeting will also mark the beginning of the Kevin M. Tierney era as President of Essex Heritage. Kevin who years ago was a contemporary of mine at Salem Five Bank now serves as President and CEO of Saugus Bank. We are certain that Kevin will use his many administrative and leadership skills to pick up right where Nancy Stager left off, and under his direction Essex Heritage will continue to grow as a major player as we strive to serve this region as a collaborator and coordinator of regional services.

Northeast Harvest

Last month, we pointed out to you that Essex Heritage in collaboration with the Essex Agricultural Society, the Mass Department of Agriculture, and a list that looks like a “who’s Who” of the Farming Community in Essex and Middlesex Counties are producing a monthly Newsletter. The October edition of the Northeast Harvest was published in the middle of this month], and contained a number of informative articles about farming in the region. The Newsletter identifies Winter CSA’s that have been created by many of the local farms. The winter programs usually begin in late October or early November and will run through March 2010. If you had a share in a summer program you should ask your provider if a winter program is available. The articles that were of the most interest to me, was the stories about turkey’s and where they can be found and finally, a “how to” primer on how to prepare that holiday delicacy. Based on the weekend weather we just experienced these past two days, it is clear that the Thanksgiving Holiday is closer than you think. I hope that many of you who regularly read this BLOG are also subscribers to the Northeast Harvest Newsletter. If you are not and want to be added to that electronic mailing list contact Essex Heritage at and we will see to it that you are added to the mailing list.

Continuing Report on the Community Restoration and Rehabilitation Act

Supporters of the federal rehabilitation tax credit act have reminded us that continuing support is needed to assure that the act is passed by the U S Congress in this session. They have asked us to contact our representative in Congress to seek support. We are proud the say that our Congressman John F. Tierney has already recognized the importance of extending the legislation and has signed on as a signatory on the bill. Thanks Congressman Tierney.

Meetings with National Park Service and the Center for Park Management

Next week immediately following the Essex Heritage Annual Meeting members of our Board of Trustees and other invited partners of the Commission will gather at the historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem for a two day session to finalize the evaluation report that was preliminarily outlined last spring. The meeting will bring together the Essex Heritage leadership group, senior National Park Service officials and the managers of the evaluation, the Center for Park Management. It is expected that as a result of these meetings that many unanswered questions that were discussed last spring, and several misconceptions about the work of Essex heritage will be qualified and a final report that shows the Commission as the unifier of the region will be one step closer to release. One can only hope that as we all gather in the historic downtown of the City of Salem in the middle of the Haunted Happenings celebrations that Salem has become famous for, that we all do not become bewitched and struggle to come to the proper conclusions. We are confident that all of the parties can come to a common understanding of the role of Essex Heritage and how important the Commission has become to the entire region.

As always we value your comments, questions and observations about the work of Essex Heritage. Please contact me with your thoughts at Thanks. Tom Leonard

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