Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heritage Hero Event Location, Essex Heritage Annual Appeal, Visit from NPS Deputy Director, Preservation Efforts Leads to Job Creation


Correction of Name of Venue where Heritage Hero will be Held

In the last BLOG posting on Essex Happenings offered last Friday, I noted that the Essex Heritage Spring 2010 Annual Meeting and the 3rd annual Heritage Hero event scheduled on the same day on May 20, 2010 would be held on the Beach in Salisbury. In a couple of references, in that posting I provided the wrong name of the venue that would be hosting those two regional events, The events will be held at Blue Ocean Music Hall, on Salisbury Beach. The owners of this new and exciting venue that also hosts a sensational new award winning restaurant called Sea Glass have been a most generous and agreeable host for this premier regional event and we are most appreciative of their efforts and apologize for noting the wrong name in our recent posting.

Essex Heritage Annual Appeal in the Home Stretch

As we close in on the end of the Essex Heritage fiscal year at the end of June, several efforts are underway to generate additional gifts to help support this work. The mission of Essex Heritage is focused on the preservation and the promotion of the historic, cultural and natural resources of this region and throughout the year numerous programs are offered to help focus that mission on the three quarters of a million residents of this region.

Planning for Trails and Sails the premier resident participation event offered each fall, this year for two weekends, is well underway, and the 2010 edition will offer even more events than ever before and will allow many more residents the opportunity to share in the resources of this region on two weekends in late September 2010. Meetings have been held through the most recent year to further the planning for the Essex Heritage Scenic Byway that will offer opportunities to preserve and promote the historic roadway in those thirteen communities along the spectacular 64 mile trail that winds its way along the coast of Essex County from Lynn in the south to Newburyport in the north, Educational initiatives continue for Essex Heritage partners using the Essex Links program along with several National Park Service programs, all designed to enhance the learning process for our area youth. In just a couple of weeks the 2010 edition of the Essex Heritage Partnership Grant program will be in place and ten applicants will be provided $2,500 grants to help them complete a preservation, education or interpretation grant. Those grants will help complete a local project, that will at the same time, advance the mission of Essex Heritage. The 2010 grant program awards will put the total partnership grant Program awards over the $1.75 million level and will have also produced an additional $15 Million in investments to the region. I think from this brief recap of just some of the programs being offered to the region by Essex Heritage one can easily gauge the value of this organization to the region and the justification for continuing support..

In the next couple of days, an electronic appeal will be delivered to the many Commissioners and friends of Essex Heritage offering them a second opportunity to provide financial support to help keep programs current and vital. If you provided support when the initial presentation was made in 2009 we certainly appreciate your support and endorsement of the work being accomplished by Essex Heritage. If you missed that opportunity then, it is certainly not too late to offer your continuing support to enhance the work of Essex Heritage. If you are on our mailing list or receive our monthly, informative electronic newsletter, look for this new electronic message, and if you believe our work to be beneficial to the region and can justify a financial gift to a regional organization it will be greatly appreciated.

At the same time as the electronic financial appeal is being directed towards the residents of the region, a targeted mailing will also be sent to the many business clients of Essex Heritage seeking their support as well. We also would welcome any new business who might want to make a contribution to these efforts. If you believe that the work being undertaken by Essex Heritage enhances the quality of life in this region, and makes this region a better place to work and secure employees please consider contacting us through the web site or at 978 740 0444. If by chance you do not receive one of these fiscal year end consumer or residential appeals, and want to help Essex Heritage continue to achieve its goals visit the Essex Heritage web site at www.essexheritage.org and follow the links to make a contribution.

Visit from National Park Service Deputy Director

In my most recent posting to this BLOG, I reported on a planned meeting with Mr. Mickey Fearn, the recently appointed National Park Service Deputy Director. The numerous meetings that were held throughout the day last Friday with Deputy Director Fearn were most productive and we are certain the Deputy Director came away from the meetings with a greater appreciation for the work and accomplishments of Essex Heritage. All of us who met with him were equally impressed with his understanding of the importance of the Heritage area movement both here and around the country. During the day, information on the structure and needs of Essex Heritage were provided, and Director Fearn had the opportunity to meet with the leadership of Essex Heritage, many regional political leaders and some of our most committed partners. We look forward to continuing the dialog started last week with the Deputy Director in the future.

Preservation Equals Jobs

Earlier this month, hundreds of preservation activists walked the halls of Congress to meet with elected officials to help deliver an important message that preservation efforts is a job creator. This is a rather simple message, but it is one that sometimes gets lost when people think about preservation efforts. As an organization that energetically and enthusiastically supports preservation, the job creation concept has always been foremost in our thinking. After many years of advocating for preservation legislation as an engine of economic expansion we know the importance of preservation to the economy. Just for an example, the Historic Rehab Tax Credit act has created over 1.8 million jobs since it was enacted in 1976. Preservation jobs created by programs like “Save America’s Treasures” are cost effective jobs creators as well as programs that preserve important resources. The National Park Service has estimated that this program alone has created over 16,000 jobs and preservation generally means green jobs, as preservation efforts generally mean more energy efficient improvements and that work contributes to a more sustainable environment. Preservation program are important to this country and to this region, and if you have a chance to make that case to our elected federal officials it would be appreciated.

Passover Holidays Begin

Last evening, many of our Jewish friends began the eight day celebration of Passover, the most important feast of the Jewish calendar. To all of them we wish them well as the week long celebration continues.

As always we value your comments, questions and observations about the work of Essex Heritage. Please contact me with your thoughts or any questions you may have at www.essexheritage.org. We are always striving to make Essex Heritage work as effectively as possible and your input and suggestions are always welcome. We can always provide more information and better communication, and one of the goals of these postings on Essex happenings is to provide that opportunity. Thanks You. Tom Leonard

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