Monday, April 25, 2011


National Park Service Study

Essex Heritage is happy to report that Congressman John Tierney has filed a bill (HR 1500) to authorize a proposed study to examine the benefits to the region of expanding the reach of the National Park Service. We are confidant that this legislation that the Congressman has originated could be valuable to this region in recent issues of the Salem News, the local paper indicated that it was generally in favor of the study, but needed more information. Then in a subsequent issue of the paper, Annie Harris, The Executive Director of Essex Heritage provided a thoughtful response to the need for more information. We certainly hope that you had a chance to read that response, but in case you did not, I will attempt to briefly summarize the recent response.

Ms. Harris provided some excellent examples of education programs now offered to the youth of this region, through our partnership with the NPS, and how an expansion of the NPS presence could dramatically increase the availability of those kinds of programs to even more young people in more local communities. Her response also clearly pointed out the successes that have occurred with the revitalization in the City of Lowell, and the programs associated with the Boston Harbor Islands, that would not have been without the expansion of the reach of the National Park Service in those locations.

We feel that the same kind of success that took place elsewhere can happen in this region with the authorizing legislation that Congressman Tierney has proposed. But above all else, the most important revelation made was that if a study is authorized and we certainly hope that it will be authorized, that there will be substantial opportunities for the public and local elected officials to attend public hearings to air concerns or offer even more positive recommendations on how the study could be even more effective and constructive in planning for the future. Essex Heritage is very pleased that the Congressman that represents this region sees the benefits of authorizing a study on this matter, as it could be very valuable to the entire region and we thank him for his efforts. We are particularly pleased to be participating in the preliminary planning for this effort with our senior partner in so many other ventures in this region, the National Park Service. If anyone wants more information about these plans please contact

Boston Bike Share Program Bears Watching

As an organization that has taken a particular interest in bike travel, the announcement by the City of Boston that was highlighted in recent media stories is certainly most interesting. Their intention calls for the purchase 600 bikes that soon will be available at electronic kiosks in that city on a shared basis is an important move in these days of sky-high gas pricing and increasing traffic congestion. There is some indication that the program is open to expansion plans in adjacent communities. We can only hope that the plan works well, and that this program could expand to this region.

Salem Pedestrian Mall

For several months the administration of the City of Salem has been holding public hearings seeking information on the Pedestrian Mall and how it could be better used. A plan was recently released that would allow some vehicular traffic during certain times of the year. The plan would also address how the mall would be used, and would develop strategies to enhance its use particularly in the good weather months, when visitation in Salem is at a high point. Funding to complete the improvements will be an issue, and the city is continuing to explore all funding options. The mall in its present configuration has more than likely run its course, and it is certainly time to approach the long discussed mall with a new view.

Dangerous Salem Intersection Addressed

The Intersection of Congress and Derby Streets and Hawthorne Boulevard has recently had a traffic signal added to help control the heavy flow of traffic at that location. That intersection has always been a dangerous one, as much local and tourist related traffic heading for the National Park site and the Salem Ferry terminal nuts pass tough the intersection. Hopefully the lights that will become operational in the next couple of days, will help sort out traffic at this previously identified dangerous intersection and improve traffic flow on its way to these heavily visited locations.

Cape Wind Project Clears Federal Permit Issues

On a recent visit to Massachusetts, Secretary of the Interior Salazar indicated that the Cape Wind project has cleared all its Federal permit issues and work to construct 139 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound could begin as early as this fall. The project that will be one of the largest clean energy projects in the country will go a long way towards providing efficient renewable energy to thousands of Cape Cod homes and businesses

Essex Heritage Corporate Supporters

One of the most positive accomplishments of the Essex Heritage Commission in 2011 is the creation and work of the Development Committee chaired by Charlie Cullen of the Provident Bank in Amesbury. The work of the committee was supported in the first part of the year by Mary Williamson, and is now supported by Deb Payson. As a part of both the Committee and the support staff, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all concerned in the effort. I want to particularly say thank you to the many wonderful supporters whose names follow who have agreed to become Corporate Sponsors

FY 2011 Corporate Members

- Andover Endodontics, Inc., Corporate Benefactor - Julie Saviano
- Atlantic Hospitality Group LLC, Corporate Sustainer – Wayne Capolupo
- Beverly Cooperative Bank, Corporate Sustainer - William Howard
- Capstone Communities LLC, Corporate Supporter Jason Korb
- Crosby's Markets, Inc., Corporate Sustainer James Crosby
- Cummings Properties, LLC, Corporate Supporter Stephen Drohosky
- Danversbank, Corporate Sustainer – Kevin Bottomley
- Endicott College, Corporate Supporter - Richard Wylie
- Friends Of Camp Denison, Inc., Supporter Circle – Robert Apprich
- Geller Micro Analytical Lab, Inc., Corporate Benefactor - Joseph Geller
- Georgetown Savings Bank, Corporate Sustainer - Robert Balletto
- Granite Savings Bank, Corporate Benefactor - Norman Seppala
- Haverhill Bank, Corporate Sustainer ($1000) - Thomas Mortimer
- The Hawthorne Hotel, Corporate Sustainer - Juli Lederhaus
- Institution For Savings, Corporate Sustainer – Michael Jones
- Merrimac Savings Bank , Corporate - John Meserve
- Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, Corporate Supporter - Richard Eaton
- North Shore Bank, Corporate Sustainer – David LaFlamme
- Pentucket Bank, Corporate Sustainer - Scott Cote
- The Provident Bank, Corporate Sustainer – Charlie Cullen
- Rockport National Bank, Corporate Supporter - Peter Anderson
- Salem Five Charitable Foundation, Corporate Sustainer – Joe Gibbons
- St. John's Preparatory School, Corporate - Edward Hardiman
- Saugusbank, Corporate Sustainer – Kevin Tierney
- Weston & Sampson, Corporate Supporter – Bob Goober
- Wire 4 Hire, Inc., Corporate Supporter – Bruce Whear

Easter Sunday

The weather certainly cooperated on Sunday, and everyone that wanted to show off spring clothing in the Easter Parade had the chance to do so. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Professional Sports

If you are a fan of professional sports in Boston, it doesn’t get much better than the last couple of days. The Red Sox swept a series in LA. The Celtics moved into the next round of the playoffs, but for me the most amazing results were three straight wins (Two on foreign ice and two in Sudden Death overtime) by the Bruins over the long time adversaries from north of the border, the Montreal Canadians,

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