Friday, July 29, 2011


Recent Pleasant Return Visit to North Shore Music Theatre

For a number of years in the previous life of the North Shore Music Theatre, my wife and I, along with other friends were Season Ticket holders at the Theatre until it folded its operation a couple of years ago. I was later pleased to learn that a new owner had come along to financially rescue one of the North Shore’s most important cultural resources. Keeping that premier cultural resource open for the region was an important commitment and the effort seems to have paid off as it appears that the current season’s attendance has been better than anticipated. Even though I was pleased to hear of the acquisition of the facility by Bill Hanney, who had a wonderful track record in running entertainment facilities, I still had an uncomfortable feeling about the way the theatre was closed and the fact that my season deposit was never refunded. That feeling kept me away from the theatre until a recent weekend, when through my relationship as a member of the Board of Directors with the North Shore Elder Services, I was offered complimentary tickets to view the current show at the Theatre, Tarzan. We truly enjoyed an entertaining presentation by a talented group of performers and we were particularly impressed by the physical condition of the facility and will now plan to attend another presentation at North Shore Music Theatre in the future. The accommodations offered for folks with handicaps were particularly splendid and were much appreciated.

North Shore Elder Services, that serves thousands of seniors in this region has entered into a new relationship with the theatre and has secured the entire facility for a major fundraising effort that is scheduled to be offered on May 6, 2012. At that time, the North Shore Elder Services will offer a presentation by Lorretta Laroche. Stress Manager, motivational speaker, author and humorist as a major effort to raise funds to support their many fine programs. In the near term, as we get closer to the date of the event, we will provide more information on how you can support this program and the work of North Shore Elder Services. But for now, we ask you to consider saving the date on your calendar for an entertaining evening while supporting a wonderful cause.

North Shore Elder Services has also teamed up with North Shore Music Theatre to participate with the Theatre for a non-profit night on October 31, 2011 when a presentation of the King and I. This evening has been designated to help those organizations and a portion of the ticket receipts purchased will be contributed to the local organizations. Tickets for just the show itself can be purchased for only $50 each and if you were so inclined a special reception before the show ticket can be purchased for an extra $25. Tickets are available now and can be obtained at the North Shore Music Theatre box office at or by calling 978 232 7200 and mention promo code NSES.

Economy of the Town of Rockport Improving

At one of the geographic ends of the Essex National Heritage Commission is the Town of Rockport. For many years the Cape Ann community, long thought of a great mid summer destination, is moving itself towards becoming a year round destination. Classical music at a wonderful new facility and new dining opportunities are helping to drive that strategy. For years, the community, by the water, lured summer visitors to its ocean front locations and summer vistas like Motif # 1. These substantial changes will now hopefully attract visitors and residents of the region all through the year. One of the most substantial of the changes was the creation of the 330 seat Shalin Liu Concert Hall that was originally created to be the home for the Rockport Chamber Music Festival. This summer alone the Concert Hall projects to attract 25,000 classical music fans to the site after the concert series last year drew just in excess of 11,000 patrons. In the Spring of 2011, Essex Heritage was invited to use the Shalin Liu facility for our annual meeting and was very clear to anyone that attended that event that Rockport had a new attraction that would be a natural draw for visitors and area residents and that assessment has proved to be correct. The Concert Hall has hosted classical and music concerts, simulcasts, from the Metropolitan Opera and many free community events. Annual attendance at this facility will grow as more and more music patrons hear of its sensational acoustics and comfortable surroundings.

The oceanfront community has also benefited by a decision made this year by the town that now allows alcohol to be served under certain conditions and that has attracted several new restaurants to open, visitors are coming to the town to enjoy dinning and a number of retail stores offering maritime related material. All in all it appears that the economy of the community will be much better balanced and visitation will increase as more people consider visiting off-season. These improved economic conditions will certainly help the entire region of Cape Ann and the entire region served by Essex Heritage.

Rockport Awards

Staying in the granite city of Rockport, for one last item of note. The Rockport Rotary Club has named long term member Frank Hassler, the chairman of the Town’s Finance Committee, their Citizen of the Year. The club also named Chuck Osmand a foreman in the Town’s Public Works Department their Town, Employee of the Year.

Essex Heritage Web Site

One of the most informative and easiest to navigate web sites on the internet is the Essex Heritage web site found at I would encourage all of you to periodically visit this site that provides timely information about events happening in the region and it provides reports on the activities of the Commission. If you are expecting family or friends as visitors to this region, please visit the web site as specific excursions that may be of interest to them and you, can be found on the site complete with itenaries and directions. You would be well served to visit the site on a regular basis, as we post information regularly that you might find informative and interesting.

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Speaking of web sites, I am participating with the local Salem hospital, that was instrumental in my rehabilitation, has asked me to work with them to create a video for their web site that would focus on my success becoming active again after the amputation of my leg. I am pleased to be helping them out as I will always be indebted to the Hospital and their team of therapists, nurses and other medical staff who were so helpful to me during my recuperation.

Patriots make a splash in free agency

The two recent signings by the Patriots could have an impact on the upcoming season.. both players come with some personal baggage, but as in the past, maybe they can get their football act together here in New England

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