Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Essex Happenings September 13, 2011

Danvers Historic Society and Essex Heritage Trails and Sails Concert and Tapley Memorial Hall Dedication Scheduled

On Friday, September 23, 2011, the Danvers Historical Society and its resident Artist group, Essex Harmony will participate in one of the initial events in the Essex Heritage Trails and Sails events when they present a concert at Tapley Hall on Page Street in Danvers. The concert will also be the initial event to be presented in the rehabilitated Talley Hall facility. The event will be presented in the recently refurbished Tapley Memorial Hall, originally built in 1930 and is now used to house the extensive Historical Society collection of material that helps tell the story of the history of the Town of Danvers. The rehabilitation of the historic hall was accomplished with a grant from the former Danvers Savings Bank. To make a reservation for the concert contact Essex Heritage at www.essexheritage,org or contact the Society at 978-777-1666 or at www.danvershistory.org. The Danvers Historical Society dates back to 1889 when it was first founded to help preserve the heritage of that community.

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem needed to Purchase a Replacement Bus, and Received Substantial Community Support.

The Boys and Girls Club needs a bus to move club members from school each day to the club and during the summer when the camp is in operation the need for a bus is critical. I cannot remember when the club purchased the last bus that recently outlived its reliability and was brought to the place where old school buses go to live out their life. After a fairly exhaustive search a replacement bus was found and purchased. The need for the bus was so topical, that even if the club had to go into debt to acquire the bus that was what would have been necessary, but as the following e-mail that all board members received from the clubs Executive Director, Joanne Scott points out, we have received two wonderful community gifts to make the bus purchase possible without any of the attended debt. The message follows:

Dear Board Members:

I am thrilled to let you know that Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation has granted us $10,000 for our bus.

Between that donation and the $25,000 donation from the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the new bus (not including $4500 to get it running smoothly) has been paid for in full.


Thank You, Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation and Ronald McDonald Charities for your generosity. I am not sure what we would do without the magnificent support The Boys and Girls Club receives from its numerous community partners.

Town of Essex Officials Cracking down on Parking Illegally in Handicapped Spaces.

We were pleased to see and we applaud the efforts of the Town of Essex to make a concerted effort to crack down on individuals who illegally park in spaces designated for the handicapped. The Town’s Police Chief noted that there have been a recent increase in the number of instances where able bodied drivers have been taking advantage of empty handicapped spaces to park “just for a moment” to run in to do an errand. The Chief indicated that this practice is not authorized and in the future, such actions will not be sanctioned and could receive both a costly citation and even have their cars towed at their cost. The town will be even tougher on those that abuse handicapped parking permits by using someone elses handicapped placard or by reproducing a phony credential. The Chief indicated that happens too often as well. Offenses such as these can expect to receive substantial fines, and can even lose handicapped parking privileges. In any event we are pleased to see the positive action being undertaken by the Town. We applaud their diligent actions in this matter. For those of us that have a legitimate right to use handicapped parking, that right can be most important. I hope other communities will follow the lead of Essex with even more determined enforcement of this regulation.

Local Observances of the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

On this Sunday we will observe the anniversary of one of the darkest days in US history. The heinous acts that killed hundreds of innocent people in New York and Washington will be remembered in a number of local services. There will likely be events in almost every community in this region and I hope that you take a moment to remember those that lost their lives in that despicable act on that September morning a decade ago. The instigator of that attack in 2001 was taken down by a courageous action by U S Navy Seals, but the threat still remains and we must remain vigilant. I suspect that there will be civic and religious observances as well as some programs offered by local businesses that feel that an observance is appropriate. Danvers will be offering a round table discussion at the Peabody Essex Institute Library that will feature the Town Manager Marquis, Police Chief Ouellette and several educators from local colleges Endicott, Gordon College, and Northeastern University. That forum will be free but advance registration is required. To register, visit www.danverslibrary.org or call 978 774 0554. Salem will hold a memorial service at the central Fire Station that will include the dedication of a memorial, a prayer service and music by the High School band and a bagpiper.

For the last few years, I have attended a program at Brother’s Restaurant and Deli in Danvers that has always been moving and well attended. I hope that I will be able to attend that event again this year. I am also hoping to attend a memorial liturgy at the chapel at St. John’s Prep followed by a dedication in the school’s peace garden.

A Special Note on a Boys and Girls Club Event

It is not too late to make a reservation to attend a fundraising event at the club in Salem to visit with Red Sox star Dustin Pedroia, whose appearance is provided through the support of the Salem Five Bank. The event is a fundraising effort and tickets are priced at $500.00 each. The event will follow a meet and greet for the club members in advance of the fundraising event. For more information or to confirm a reservation contact the club at www.bgcgs.org.

Other Events Scheduled for Non-Profits in the Region that we hope you will consider supporting.

• North East ARC annual golf event scheduled for 9/26 at Myopia. For reservations contact blandry@ne-arc.org
• American Red Cross of northeast Massachusetts at Turner Hill. For reservations contact www.northeastmassredcross.org
• The 24th Annual Walk for Hospice of the North Shore that starts and ends at St. John’s Prep in Danvers. For more information contact www.hns/walk.org

City of Gloucester Hazardous Waste Collection

On September 24, 2011, the City of Gloucester will allow residents of that seaside community to bring hazardous waste to the Department of Public Works. In this case, pre-registration is required and can be accomplished by calling 978-281-9785. Paints, chemical insecticides, gas and contaminated oils will be allowed to be disposed of on that date.

North Andover Police to Offer Free Smart Phone Application

It appears that everyone is taking advantage of technology. The North Andover Police Department has created a free application that can be downloaded by residents with either a I phone or an Android phone. With the application, residents will be able to check on police alerts, contact the department, offer crime tips, photos and offer complaints or commendations.

This Time of Year Great for Professional Sports Fans in Greater Boston

The period right after Labor Day is a great time of the year for local sports fans. The baseball season is in the home stretch and everywhere the debate is raging whether if the home team has enough to make the playoffs and if they do, will they have enough pitching to compete in October. The football team from Foxboro has a great deal to prove this year as with all of their success in the last decade, they are the professional franchise that has gone the longest in the region without a championship. The 2011 Patriots roster is being constructed even as we write this assessment and you need a scorecard to keep up with the changes in that final roster that Coach Bellichick is making hourly. The boys of winter are waiting in the wings and sharpening their skates, as training camp for the defending Stanley Cup champs begins in just weeks. The only franchise in a state of flux is the Celtics as they are locked out in a financial debate and that lock out seems bound for 2012 until a resolution is reached.

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