Saturday, December 24, 2011

Essex Happenings 12.24.11



Since this report has been designed to be a recurring update on the work of the Essex National Heritage Commission and its many partners as they preserve the historical, cultural and natural resources of Essex County, we want to take a moment today on the eve of Christmas and the other holiday celebrations to wish all of you a happy and pleasant holiday season. These greetings are extended to all who might read this report and is offered to all regardless of how you might choose to celebrate or commemorate this holiday season. This broad regional partnership is comprised of dozens of not-for-profit regional organizations, thirty-four municipalities in the region and of course our senior partner, the National Park Service.

I also wish to extend the holiday greetings of all of the dedicated and committed staff at the commission to all of you as well. As another year will soon come to an end, we, Annie, Susan, Bill. Deb, Emily, Elizabeth, Debby, Rick And Tom all look forward to continuing to serve this region by investing our financial and human resources in improving the quality of life for all of the residents of this five hundred square mile region that stretches from the area just north of Boston to the borders of New Hampshire.

Since many holiday services and celebration will be starting this evening and continuing through the weekend, I intend to only offer one other random thought in this presentation today.

Stone Zoo Lights to remain on until New Year’s Day 2012

Although the Stone Zoo is not in Essex County, it is so close to this region and is such a holiday attraction that it seems appropriate to report on the site. Many of the lights used to illuminate the Zoo were first used to light a private home in South Peabody Additional information on this attraction can be obtained at

Once again enjoy the Holiday Season and this report will be back in full publication early next week.

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