Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Essex Happenings 1.3.12

Town of Danvers to “Kick Start” Re-cycling Program into High Gear

In a number of recent postings, I have noted a high level effort that had been established in Danvers to increase the level of recycling. The project has two primary goals, as the protection of the environment and the continuing effort to keep municipal expenses under controlare important components of the plan. The process will begin in earnest very early in the new year and regular rubbish collection will not be accepted unless recycled material is also curbside every week.. This may be a most positive initiative and the communities in the region might want to follow the progress of this effort. to learn if a plan to emulate this effort could be formulated.

Wonderful Regional Public Health Grant Received from the Commonwealth

I have always thought and Essex Heritage has always advocated for collaboration among and between local communities. A special grant totaling $325,000 has been received from the Commonwealth Department of Public Health that will allow eight southern Essex County communities to join together to share resources in the field of public health. The communities that have formed the North Shore Regional Public Health Program are: Peabody, Salem, Danvers, Marblehead, Swampscott, Nahant, Lynn and Beverly. The participating communities will remain independent but through an collaborate effort on some projects see great opportunities to work together on regional health issues. This is a wonderful initiative that certainly could lead to other opportunities to consider in the future as a way to both provide services more efficiently and in a less costly manner.

Danvers High School Project Report

Town officials from Danvers recently provided an update on one of the biggest projects in the Town’s history. The update noted that the renovation and new construction of the High School was now slightly over 43% complete. The very first manifestation of the progress on this project will be the re-opening of the field house very early in January 2012. An athletic event is scheduled in the Field House in the first couple of weeks in January. The rest of the project is now scheduled to be finished later this year and the April vacation period will be used to move “back in” to the new facility.

Addition of new degree, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Fuels Endicott College Growth

The following is an excerpt from a press release issued by the Beverly College and congratulations are offered on their recent success. They have come a long way from where they started.
Beverly, MA -- Endicott College President Dr. Richard E. Wylie today announced that on December 6, Endicott College will become the first college on Boston’s North Shore to be authorized to award a doctoral degree. Following program endorsement by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, Endicott College will award a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership to qualified candidates. The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership will focus on preparing unique leaders for small to mid-size organizations in higher education, non-profit agencies, and schools. Emphasizing Endicott College’s strength, the program will focus on theory, research, and applying these skills to improving organizations.

City of Peabody Continues to Expand Municipal Recreational Opportunities

The City Council body of the leather city has recently voted to sign a new 99-year lease with the MBTA to gain rights to develop an enhanced rail trail in that community. That community already maintains a comprehensive 4.6 mile trail program for residents and visitors that runs east and west across the city from the North Shore Shopping Center to municipal community lines in Middleton and Lynnfield. The new section of the trail that would be 2.8 miles in length would cross the main trail and would connect with the Danvers trail currently under construction. The city is planning to offer residents adjacent to the trail the opportunity to offer their observations and funding to complete the work to prepare and pave the new trail. When completed this trail will fast become part of an ever expanding trail program stretching across the region. Essex Heritage has devoted a great deal of energy to this regional initiative as the work accomplished certainly adds to the Quality of Life offered in the region.

Hamilton and Wenham Abandon finance consolidation talks

I am certain that there were many sufficient reasons why the two adjacent communities of Hamilton and Wenham abandoned their recent discussions that might have led to a consolidation of some finance services. Clearly any consolidations around the region that could produce more efficient services and might save some local funds could be very helpful to any communities that might
consider such undertakings.

Important Gloucester Maritime Summit Talks can be Found On-line

Earlier this year, the City of Gloucester conducted a maritime summit to explore innovative methods to better utilize their famous working harbor. The experts who provided information were from the world of academics and technology. Those remarks have now been posted on the communities web site and can be found at www.gloucester-ma.gov. and by signing on, residents and other interested persons can have access to the findings discussed at the summit.

Town of Manchester By the Sea Seeking funds for Dredging from Massachusetts Seaport Council

The Town of Manchester has recently met with local officials to plan a strategy to apply to the Massachusetts Seaport Council for an allocation for funding to complete some dredging in the harbor of that community. The community has designated two locations within the harbor that would be greatly enhanced if that work could be accomplished. Town officials are aware of how competitive bidding is for these funds but the reward and the benefits would be so positive that a strong effort would be advanced to prove their case.

Danvers Rail Trail Advocates

The committed volunteers in Danvers that have long advocated for the recreational trail being built in that community continues to be most active. They are now assembling bike racks and installing mile markers on the trail. They also have a couple of trail cleanup days scheduled to get a jump on the 2012 season. The town of Danvers and the Town of Wenham are awaiting news as a result of a grant application that they have jointly applied for to the Commonwealth. Danvers would use their funding to improve the surface of the trail to mirror the surface the works very effectively on the trail in the community of Topsfield.

Salem Pier Work Progresses

Work on the commercial pier that is being built with support from the Commonwealth’s Seaport council is moving ahead even in the winter season. The first section of the pier is expected to be complete enough to attract whale watching boats and smaller tour boats in the 2012 season. This new facility will certainly help the economy of the city, but will also impact this entire region. We will continue to monitor this project and report on progress as it continues.

Jim Crosby Honored

One of the most generous individuals in this region and a man I consider a personal friend was recently awarded the Lifebridge Presidents award for 2011. Jim Crosby who is the owner/operator of Crosby’s Markets is a benefactor to many worthwhile charities including Essex Heritage, the North Shore Medical Center Cancer Walk Hospice of the North Shore and many other organizations. The designation that came with the award said all that could be said about Jim Crosby. It was noted that Jim received the Presidential Award due in part for his continuing philanthropic generosity and unwavering support and encouragement to Lifebridge and its mission to end regional homelessness. Earlier Jim Crosby co-chaired a capital campaign for the organization. Congratulations Jim, on a most well deserved award and continuing good luck in the future

City of Peabody Offered Sincere sendoff to Fallen Firefighter

As this year came to a close the citizens of the City of Peabody turned out in incredible numbers to honor Firefighter James Rice who died in the line of duty. Jim was a part of several brotherhoods. His connection to the men and women of Fire Departments all over the state was most evident with the participation in the services. Jim was also part of the brotherhood of alumni at St John’s Prep in Danvers as a student, graduate and former Eagle athlete. Rest in Peace, hero, ames Rice

Boston Professional Sports

As 2011 comes to an end, the Patriots avenged an early season loss to Buffalo coming from 21 points down in the opening quarter. They also, wrapped up home field advantage through the playoffs through to the Super Bowl in early February 2012. The team is still looking for that perfect 60 minute game, but this week they played 45 pretty solid minutes and at the same time scored 49 straight points. The Celtics came home and won for the first time, and maybe that will get them on track. The Bruins had a seven game winning streak stopped on New Years Eve in Dallas in the middle game of a three game trip. Even the Red Sox made a couple of recent moves to strengthen their pitching outlook. So the beat seems to go on here in CHAMPIONSHIP CITY.

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