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ESSEX Happenings 2.6.12

Essex Happenings 2.8.12

Preserving Historic Buildings in Region

As an organization that is particularly interested in the preservation of important historically significant buildings, Essex Heritage is pleased to see that several properties, that have been recently threatened in the region, appear to have alternative plans that would protect the properties now being advanced Recently, historically important buildings in Salem, Beverly and just in the last week or so a property in Newburyport was noted as in danger of being compromised. We have always believed that the historic properties, that are so important to the character of this region, must be preserved to maintain what we now have into the future for the next generations. The future value of this region is predicated on the long-term preservation of the multiple historically important properties that are so plentiful across this entire region. But every one of these properties is critical and we are diminished every time we lose even a small part of our history. The concerns that have been exhibited about these issues by so many is most appreciated and justified. There was substantial interest in all of these properties by individuals and organizations in the impacted communities that came forward with enthusiastic opposition to the original plans and those concerns certainly had an impact as the plans have changed and it appears that there is now some chance that the properties and their historic values can be preserved.

The Salem property, the Ropes Mansion is located on Felt Street and a developer had indicated that the historic property would be removed, the land subdivided and three new houses built on the site. The developer has recently adjusted his plans and will now prepare plans to rehabilitate the historic property and only develop two new lots and homes.

The Beverly property was more problematic as the potential reuse of the property included a commercial reuse as a developer wanted to remove the historic clapboard building built in 1715 at the corner of Dodge and Conant Streets to build a new Drug store. A demolition permit had been issued and that created a firestorm among activists in Beverly and their efforts were successful as now changes are being contemplated that might save the most historic portion of the building. Lets hope that the efforts of the activists that mobilized to save this property will be successful.

The most recent historic building that is now in danger of being demolished is the Tappan house at 1 Little Lane in Newburyport. That twelve room federal home built for one of the earliest settlers in Newburyport had been issued a demolition permit, but there has been a delay now while a group of preservation activists create an effort to save the property.

In spite of all of these new initiatives that have surfaced, the preservationists that have mobilized to save these three properties may still be disappointed, but they are certainly trying their best to have an impact on all three of these important properties. The three issues continue to produce the continuing conflict of two great New England passions, property rights and preserving history, All of the ownership groups in these three instances are well within their rights to do what they need to do with property that they own, but many are hopeful that in all three cases compromises can be constructed that preserve owners rights, but at the same time fund a way to preserve some of the most important historic aspects of three local communities in this region.

Super Bowl Result

It was another “close but no cigar” moment for the New England Patriots as they lost in Super Bowl XKVl to the New York Giants. QB Tom Brady played well, but Eli Manning played better and deserved the MVP Award. The Patriots were hurt by a couple of critical dropped passes, but the biggest problem was the inability to make big plays on defense when it mattered the most. All of the fans can take some solace in the fact that they were two of 32 teams to make the championship game, but time might be slipping away from the time left in QB Brady’s career and it would behoove the management of the New England entry to make a big effort this off season to improve the defensive component of the team particularly the defensive backfield. The football entry remains the Boston team with the longest span between championships. It is now time to turn to the Boston Bruins as our best hope for another Duck Boat parade.

Salem Distributes Cultural Grants

The City of Salem Cultural Council recently distributed 18 awards totaling $11,050. The funding offered by the community is obtained from the Massachusetts Cultural Council that this year was level funded. Some of the award winners this year were the Salem Philharmonic Orchestra, North Shore Concert Band, Salem Jazz & Soul Festival, Salem Arts Festival, the Salem Theatre Company the Salem Mural project and other projects The deadline to file for the 2013 awards is October 15, 2012.

Business Group Provides Help to Saugus Schools

A local organization called the Saugus Business Educational Collaborative recently provided a $21,000 donation to the Saugus School System. The group made up of Saugus businesses annually provides support to school programs that offers supplies that would not be normally funded in the community’s budget for schools. Local Saugus businesses have been most helpful in the past as they were most supportive when the Saugus Iron Works was reopened after a major renovation by the National Park Service a year or so ago.

Sled Dog Races in Hamilton Cancelled

Some time ago, I reported in this space on a postponement of an event that required snow. Since that weather event has not occurred in enough quantity, the event in Hamilton is now cancelled until 2013.



You may be interested in an hour-long webinar, “The View from the Cliff: Government-funded Nonprofits Are Looking Out on Steep Cuts and an Uncertain Future.” This report is based on surveys and interviews conducted by representatives from BoardSource with not-for-profit leaders from across the country. I was one of the people interviewed.

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