Monday, August 10, 2009

Electing Commissioners, Trustee Emeriti, Waterfront Improvements in Beverly

The Commissioner Election Process

In an earlier posting, I noted that in October 2009, Essex Heritage would be holding its Annual Meeting in the Community House in Hamilton. One of the primary functions at that meeting in addition to providing an update on current activities is to fill any Commissioner vacancies that exist at that time. The Commission is supported by a 150 member Board of Commissioners who live and/or work within the area and who serve as representatives of the communities, businesses, community organizations, educational institutions and historic, cultural and natural resources of the region. The list of active Commissioners changes over the years as folks who have served for a period move on to other activities, move from the region or have changes in their lives that require them to resign. While we always hate to lose individuals who are committed to this initiative, the process as designed is quite healthy as new appointees bring new perspectives and focus and these kinds of changes are always positive. Each year it seems that we always have a need to add about a dozen or so new Commissioners.

The Commission has a Nominating Committee in place whose task is to seek qualified individuals from the region we serve who will bring a fresh new perspective to the work of the Commission. The Nominating Committee this year has been revitalized with several new members and they look forward to meeting in early September to both review nominees suggested by Commission staff and to offer nominees that they believe will provide the kind of support needed in the future. Since the creation of he Essex National Heritage Commission in 1996, we have always worked hard to insure that participation in the work of the ENHC is most inclusive, and never limited to a few. We are always interested in receiving recommendations of individuals from across the region that might have an interest in serving as a Commissioner. If any of you who read this message have any ideas or recommendations of individuals who you believe might be good candidates to serve as a Commissioner now or in the future please let us know your thoughts. I can be reached at and would welcome your input.

Election of Trustee Emeritus

Another action that will take place at the Annual Meeting in October will be the election of three new Trustee Emeritus. The twenty-five person Board of Trustees of Essex Heritage is elected from the Board of Commissioner. The members of this group may serve for three 3 years terms in those positions, and when those term limits are achieved retiring members are then considered fir Trustee Emeritus status. At this years annual meeting three dedicated and committed members of that Board will be eligible for Emeritus status. We are most sorry that those terms of office will expire and we will certainly miss the wise council and support that they have offered during the last nine years. The four Trustees whose names will be offered for Trustee Emeritus status in October are:

  • Dr, Wayne Burton, President of North Shore Community College, and current Chairman of the ENHC Nominating Committee.
  • Mr., Richard St. Pierre, formally associated with St. John’s Preparatory School, and the Essex County Sheriffs Department and Chairman of the ENHC Education Committee,
  • Mr. Robert Haalpin, Executive Director, Merrimac Valley Economic Council
  • Mr. Larry Harrington, Senior Vice President, Bank of America, and former Essex Heritage Board President

In addition to the three gentlemen we will be offering for election to Trustee Emeritus status, there are currently eight former Essex Heritage Trustee’s who are current Trustee Emeritus. They are:

Robert G. Bradford, President North Shore Chamber of Commerce

Michael Costello, Former Executive Director, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

Joseph Gibbons, President and CEO, Salem Five

David Hartleb, President, Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill

Malcolm MacLean III, Senior Partner, MacLean Holloway Doherty Ardiff & Morse, P.C.

William Power, Peabody Historical Society & Museum

Richard Thomas, Richard Thomas Insurance, Georgetown

William Tinti, Senior Partner, Tinti, Quinn, Grover & Frey P.C.

Beverly Harbor Improvements

The City of Beverly recently received from very good news with the announcement from the Governor’s office that $2.5 million has been earmarked for work on the harbor. This is the first installment of a $5.5 million dollar plan to enhance the entire waterfront. The historic harbors from Saugus, Lynn and Nahant up the coast to Marblehead, Swampscott and Salem and into Beverly are all most critical to the continuing economic well being of this region. The access to the ocean by visitors and residents alike is one of our most important assets. Much is being done along the entire coastline all the way to the New Hampshire border and every improvement is critical to the future of the region. We are pleased to learn of the commitment to the City of Beverly by the Commonwealth.

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