Sunday, August 30, 2009

Senator Kennedy, Jimmy Fund Baseball and Bill Howard

Senator Kennedy Memorialized in Boston and Washington
What a wonderful weekend tribute to Senator Edward Moore Kennedy. In a previous posting to this blog, I commented on Senator Kennedy's importance to Essex Heritage, and the support that he offered during the life of this imitative. Clearly, what the Senator offered to this region as we began and fostered the Essex Heritage activities were extraordinary. It is fair to say that without his unique support from the outset, much of what has been accomplished in this region would never have been possible. During the life of this activity we have received commitments of support from dozens of local elected officials, and the support that was obtained from others in the Washington delegation over the years that has been exemplary and has allowed much to be accomplished in the region and for that support we will always be grateful. 

It is clear that, Senator Kennedy became the point person in Congress on so many occasions, and his special brand of "participatory politics" was evident time after time as we sought support in Washington. During the time that I have participated in the work of Essex Heritage we hosted the Senator on numerous visits to the region, I have introduced him to crowds on several occasions, and I have had the good fortunate to have several more personal experiences in his Washington office as we sought support.

All of that said, I thought after those experiences that I knew the depth of the man and his importance to the State of Massachusetts. I would have to say that during this weekend my eyes were opened even wider to his accomplishments for this Commonwealth and the Country. As the weekend progressed and more and more of his accomplishments were outlined during his nearly half century of service, I became more and more in awe of what he accomplished for all of us, and even more importantly for the "least of us." The social legislation that was fostered by Senator Kennedy is legendary, and the laws he helped enact have impacted civil rights, and the health and economic well-being of so many Americans. I was particularly struck by a quote during the weekend that noted that President Kennedy inspired America, Bobby Kennedy challenged America, and Ted Kennedy changed America. I am proud to say that I have always been a supporter of the work of the Senator, and am confidant that, as he said so many times,most recently in Denver at the Democratic Convention one year before he died, that "the cause endues, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die".

Jimmy Fund Event in Peabody on Labor Day

In my lifetime one of the causes that have the largest impact on health in this region is the Jimmy Fund that fights cancer in children. The Jimmy Fund has long been the favorite cause of the Red Sox, and in the last couple of days they have in conjunction with WEEI radio and NESN television have run a very successful telethon. If you did not get the chance to contribute to that cause, next weekend on Labor Day morning at 10:00 AM at Perkins Park in Peabody, the annual baseball game will be played. The game is between the Peabody police, and a team of local sports stars including some former Red Sox players and many former Bruins and Celtics players. Before the game a clinic for youngsters will be held at 8:00 AM. This event is a wonderful experience and is a way to contribute to one of the best charities in the region. Take a moment if you have no plans that morning and stop at Perkins Park for a great cause.

Beverly Rotary Citizen of the Year

Congratulations to Bill Howard of the Beverly Cooperative Bank for being named the Citizen of the Year by the Beverly Rotary Club. Bill is a long time Commissioner of Essex heritage and also serves the Salem Partnership as its Treasurer. Bill serves many other charitable endeavors and his choice by the Rotarian's is an excellent one.

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