Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ENHC Annual Meeting, Pioneers in Partnership Awards, Salem Post Office, End of the Trail

Wednesday. September 23, 2009

October 2009 Essex Heritage Annual Meeting to be Held in Hamilton

The annual meeting of the Essex Heritage Commission is scheduled for the morning of October 20, 2009 at the Community House in Hamilton. Ma. The Commission, as required by its by-laws has held an annual meeting each October since 1997 to report to the community on how it has met its goals, and to report on current activities. The October meeting is the one required public meeting that must be offered, but Essex Heritage has made it a practice to also offer a spring meeting each year as well. These meetings are scheduled around the region and are generally held in historic locations or in facilities not usually open to the general public. In this way we continue to build awareness of this region and all it has to offer.
The October 20, 2009 meeting will be held at 8:30 a.m. at the Community House of Hamilton-Wenham. This facility located at the corner of Asbury and Bay Roads in Hamilton was opened on October 9, 1921. The Community House Building was built to honor the memory of eight young men from the two Towns who had died in the service of their country in World War 1. The agreement to build the facility and to establish the Community House organization was driven by the vision and funding from long time Hamilton residents George and Emily Mandell whose son was one of those lost in the “Great War”. The Mandells along with seventeen other civic minded residents at that time established the not-for-profit Community House of Hamilton-Wenham that still serves the two towns today as effectively as it did 88 years ago when it was first opened. The facility hosts many civic events including community theatre, children’s events. Hamilton-Wenham Mothers Club, concerts, school dances and weekly meetings of the Hamilton-Wenham Rotary Club. The meeting is open to the public and if you wish to attend, please contact us for a reservation at Essex Heritage is pleased and proud to be holding this year’s annual meeting in such an important local venue.

Call for Nominees for Pioneers in Partnership Awards

Each year at the annual meeting in October, Essex Heritage recognizes individuals and organizations whose actions impact the work of ENHC. The awards called Pioneers in Partnership are made public at the annual meeting. The primary criteria for receiving such an award is to have shown leadership in promoting regional cooperation among the many area resources and organizations that exemplify the spirit of partnership by working together to preserve, promote and enhance the historic, cultural and natural resources of this region. If any individuals or organizations come to mind that would qualify for such an award, we would like to hear from you with nominations. Your thoughts can be conveyed to me at .

Workshop on Strategic Fundraising in Difficult Economic Times Offered

Tomorrow, I am planning to attend a topical workshop that will help identify strategies for non profits to employ as they seek funds in these difficult times. The workshop is being offered by the Essex County Community Foundation and the Peter and Elizabeth Tower Foundation and will be held at the Northern Essex Community college in Haverhill. The timing of the seminar is perfect as many organizations like Essex Heritage are currently planning year-end fundraising appeals to help support the mission of the organization. It is clear that in these difficult economic times, much more attention must be paid to those organizations and individuals who have offered support to Essex Heritage in the past as continuing support is as critical now as at any time since the organization was founded. Essex Heritage, like dozens of other not-for-profit organizations in the region will soon be embarking on Annual Appeals for support and any strategies that can be outlined that might be helpful in those efforts will be appreciated.

Historic Salem Post Office

Each morning as I make my way to the Essex Heritage offices on the Essex Street Mall in Salem, I pass by the majestic old Salem Post Office on Margin Street in Salem. The building is currently undergoing a massive preservation rehabilitation effort, and each day I notice more and more progress as the contractors work to restore the exterior of the building. The building is one of forty-six such buildings that appear on the list of National Register buildings in the City of Salem, as is most certainly worthy of the preservation efforts now underway. It will be interesting to follow the work over the next several months.

At the End of a Long Trail

In the middle of May 2009, my wife. Marge was diagnosed with cancer as a tumor identified as non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was found in the upper portion of her right leg. Treatments first at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and then at the facility that MGH shares with the North Shore Medical Center on Endicott Street, in Danvers have been ongoing. On Thursday morning, September 24, 2009 she will have her last radiation treatment at the NSMC Cancer Center. Speaking for her and the rest of our family, we want to thank all who successfully cared for her, at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and at the new MGH/NSMC facility in Danvers and to all who wished her well and thought of her in their daily intentions. We know that over the next several years that there will be many more exams to continue to check her health, but for now we have reached the End of a Long Trail and we are grateful that we have reached the end for now and the results appear to be most positive.

As always your questions, comments, and observations about the work of Essex Heritage are most appreciated and encouraged. I can be reached at Thanks. Tom Leonard

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