Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Institute a Success

During the recent two week long summer institute sponsored in part by Essex Heritage, 38 local elementary school teachers from many communities in this region participated in a summer institute. The ten workshops offered during the session focused on both "governing and "working". Th local educators gained insight into local historic sites using primary source material. Educators took home reproductions of money, tri-corner hats, butter churns and dory models. An Essex County themed game was developed by our museum educator for classroom use. Attending teachers earned three graduate credits from Salem State College and created their own interdisciplinary lessons. The fall gathering offered as part of this program is currently full to its capacity with several new communities represented for the first time. There will be one last group organized for Spring 2010 and for more information on registration for that session contact our museum educator, Rebecca Zimmerman at Essex Heritage.Salem FerryI recently used the Salem Ferry to take a trip from Salem into Boston. I relaize that we are fast approaching the time when travel by boat along our coast might be a bit too cool and windy for some of you, but if you have a chance before the seasons change take a trip from the Nort Shore to Boston. The Salem Ferry management is very organized, friendly and the trip is a real pleasure. Both my trip into Boston and then back to Salem was on time and the experience was most enjoyable. The accomadations in Salem are greatly improved for the first time that I took the trip, and the final destination in Boston is at the Aquarium and is very handy to shopping and great restaurants and shopping are close at hand. When my wife and I along with friends took the trip we lunched at The Union Oyster House that is famous in its own right and is owned and operated by Joe Milano who is an old friend from my days on the St John's Prep Board of Trustees. Joe is also a Trustee of Essex Heritage so I was able to enjoy a boat ride, a lunch in the City of Boston, and a chance to say hello to an old friend. The day we took the trip there were an equal amount of tourists making the trip from Boston to Salem so there seems to be a benefit for both communities.

Sophia Peabody Hawthorne

An interesting invitation crossed my desk this morning. I received a very clever invitation to a 200 th birthday party for Sophia Peabody Hawthorne. The event is being offered on Saturday, September 19, 2009 at the Old Town Hall in Salem. There will be lots of folks in period costumes and is part of a week long celebration to bring attention to the famous daughter of Salem, and her famous husband Nathaniel. For more information on to purchase a ticket contact the organizers at http://www.sophiaofsalem@verizon.net/

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