Friday, November 6, 2009

Guest Server at Brother's in Danvers, Lt. Governor in Salem, Yankee Clipper Boy Scout Awards, Salem Partnership Outreach Effort


Serving as Guest/Celebrity Server at Brother’s Restaurant in Danvers

One week from today on Friday, November 13, 2009, I have been asked and have agreed to be a celebrity/guest server at Brother’s Restaurant in Danvers. You can feel very comfortable that if you come to the very busy downtown Danvers location that day that you will be in no danger of having me apportion your food or even handle it except to pass you the plate with the meal of your choice. I will stand by or rather stand comfortably behind the very capable and hard working owner/chef Kary Andrinopoulos at his incredibly active lunch counter from noon until about 1:30 that day and help him meet and greet his many guests. I look forward to greeting those of you who come through that I know and those that I will meet for the first time, and can only hope that I can come through the experience unscathed. I will be in attendance at Brother’s that day representing the Essex National Heritage Commission and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about how and why we “preserve and promote the historic, cultural and natural resources of Essex County”.

Lt. Gov. Murray Visits Salem to Conduct a “Seaport Advisory Council” Meeting

This morning, Lt. Governor Tim Murray will be visiting Salem to both conduct a regular meeting of the Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council and to help in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Harbor Walk project. The Salem Harbor Walk project when completed will run along the South River from the intersection of New Derby and Lafayette Streets down to Congress Street where it will connect to the sea walk that the Salem Five bank helped to construct along the perimeter of Pickering Wharf when that project was built in the late 1970’s. This walkway will then allow visitors to continue onto the National Park Service’s Salem National Maritime Historic Site and walk through the history of the region that is depicted at that site. The National Park Service site includes a replica sailing ship, Friendship” that is due to return from an overhaul in Maine sometime later this month, and a replica period warehouse that is now almost complete.

The ground breaking ceremony will be followed by a regular meeting of the Seaport Advisory Council that will conducted on the second floor of FINZ restaurant directly on the water front on Pickering Wharf. The funding for the sea walk that will be celebrated today is a result of an earlier grant from the Council. In addition to Salem several other seaside communities in the region served by Essex Heritage has been the beneficiary of grants devoted to other water front projects. During FY 09, in addition to the grant in Salem, grants from the Seaport Advisory Council were provided to Lynn. Marblehead, Gloucester, Newbury and Newburyport and Saugus for waterfront related projects.

Yankee Clipper Boy Scout Council

I am sorry that I was not able to be in attendance last night at the Danversport Yacht Club when the Yankee Clipper Boy Scout Council honored two of Essex Heritage’s hardest working Commissioners with their 2009 Distinguished Citizen Awards. The honorees last night were Kevin Bottomley, the CEO of Danversbank and Patricia Zaido, the Executive Director of the Salem Partnership. Both individuals who have also been wonderful supporters of the work of Essex Heritage have as the promotional brochure for the events outlines, “Made numerous contributions as professional and volunteers through their personal involvement and caring for the well being of our neighbors.” Both Kevin and Patricia are people who I know well, and I can attest that the previous quote is certainly true. We congratulate both Patricia and Kevin on the awards presented last night and note that they join a long and illustrious list of previous award winners, including yours truly, awarded a Boy Scout designation a decade and a half ago. The Yankee Clipper awards have been provided since 1981 and is one of the longest standing such awards given to individuals in the region.

Salem Partnership Reaching Out for New Members

On Wednesday evening at the world famous Peabody-Essex Museum, the Salem Partnership, a community advocacy group that partners with the City of Salem to improve conditions in the City held a reception for potential members. The Partnership has played a most important role in development activities in the City over the last 22 years that the group has been in operation. The Partnership can take joint responsibility for the successes of the revitalized National Park Service presence in the City, and has played a major role in the progress towards a new court complex and the work that has been accomplished to put Salem on the map again as a port complete with ferry service to Boston. In recent years the organization has become very prominent with its work with the Creative Economy. Current Partnership President Attorney George Atkins who provided some opening welcoming remarks managed the event. Recently re-elected Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll, Salem State Representative John Keenan, and former Presidents Sumner Jones of Eastern Bank, and this writer representing Essex Heritage made appeals based on the organizations economic achievements to guests at the reception to consider joining. A final appeal was made by Richard Pabich the owner/operator of the Salem Inn, who noted the success that the Partnership has achieved in the development of a tourist base for the economy in recent years.

As always your comments, questions or observations about the work of Essex Heritage is appreciated. I can be contacted at Thanks. Tom Leonard

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