Monday, November 2, 2009

Heritage Hero Event to Head North

The annual Essex Heritage Hero event is still over a half a year away, but plans for the 2010 event have already begun, and we are confidant that the 2010 will be bigger and better than the previous two events. The first two events held in 2008 and 2009 were special events and the two gentlemen who were honored were wonderful choices. Jim McAlister, the regional historian and ultimate storyteller and Thomas P. Costin Jr. Jr, the consummate collaborative organizer were incredibly worthy recipients and the evenings to honor them were both critical successes for the award winners, the organizers and the attendees.
The 2010 event now tentatively scheduled for late May or early June will be held in new meeting facility under construction in Salisbury. We are not prepared at this time to announce the 2010 Heritage Hero award winners, but we say that the event will honor recipients from the three-community area of Amesbury Newburyport, and Salisbury. We think that this is most appropriate; as since the time that Essex Heritage was first conceived these three communities located in the far northeastern corner of the region have been unified in their support of this initiative. In recent months these three communities have demonstrated a willingness to work together for the betterment of the three communities and the entire region. Health and recreational programs have been considered and implemented that make this region one to be admired. We can certainly state that our recipients are wonderful representatives of this part of the Essex Heritage region. Stay tuned for more information on this evening that will be a wonderful experience like the other events have been in the past,

North Shore Community College Ground Breaking

Late last week the North Shore Community College executives along with a group of Commonwealth officials broke ground for a “ground breaking technological facility” on the Danvers campus. Over the next year and a half construction will continue so that as classes open in September of 2011 the building will be ready for student use. This new facility will be a wonderful addition to the Danvers campus as the building will be developed so that when complete it will be one of the first sites built on an educational facility in the Commonwealth that will be environmentally friendly. The new building will be three floors high, and will contain almost 60,000 sq ft of space that will be able to accommodate five general academic instruction and general student spaces. Over the next several decades thousands of North Shore students will receive instruction in health care related programs at this wonderful new addition. When completed this facility will be a most important resource for the entire region and will be particularly important to the numerous hospitals and other medical facilities.
Essex Heritage Annual Fund Mailing
Over the last couple of days, Essex Heritage has mailed an Annual Fund appeal to hundred of friends of the Commission seeking continuing support. This initiative is a very important activity as without the support of the residents and other interests in the communities that we serve it is difficult for Essex Heritage to continue the many programs that it offers accross the region. We certainly hope that you will look for the mailing piece that outlines the successes of Essex Heritage and seeks support. Your continued support of the mission is essential, and we thank everyone in advance for your consideration of this request.
Upcomming Events this Week
On Wednesday of this week, I will be attending two regional events sponsored by two of our strongest supporters. In the morning at the Marriott Hotel in Peabody, the North Shore Chamber will hold its regular monthly breakfast meeting. The subject of that meeting will be the new Salem Court House facility and how it will affect this region. In the evening of the same day, the Salem Partnership that heped to form Essex Heritage will be holding a new member event at the Peabody Essex Museum. I will be attending both of thos events and will make a presentation at the Salem Partnership event. Later in the week, I will provide some aditional details about the substance of those two meetings.
Essex Heritage Continues to Consider Changes to the 2010 Trails and Sails Events
Trails and Sails the signature event for Essex Heritage has been completed now for almost a month, and the leadership team for ENHC continues to review what went right in 2009, and how the program can be improved in 2010. Printing brocures and reservations for more and more of the vents are two of the areas where it is believed that improvemnets in the operation can be made. Thgis past year nearly 4000 residnets of the region tollk advantage of the series of free events and plans are already underway for the 2010 edition of Trails and Sails. We will certainly keep you posted as we consider how to make this premier regional event even more entertaining and informative in the future.
Northeast Harvest Program
In conjuction with the Essex Agricultural Society, Essex Heritage continues to help the local agricultural industry in this region by helping to produce a monthly newletter. The most recent edition of the newsletter focused on turkeys, that seems approriate in this month of Thanksgiving. Nect months edition of the newletter will feature information on the many Christmas Tree Farms in the region. If you are not already signed up to receive the newletter contact to sign up. The monthly articles are most informative and instructional and thee is certainly material in the letter for nearly everyone in the region.
One Last Reminder to Vote
Tommorow is Election day in many communites in the Essex Heritage region. If you have a chance to vote in your community don't forget to get to the pooling place and cast your vote.

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