Friday, November 12, 2010

Essex Heritage Director Named to National Post, Update on Executive Committee Activities, Membership and Photo Contest, Danvers Group to Lead Walk


Essex Heritage Director Appointed to National Park Service Committee

Essex Heritage Executive Director, Annie C. Harris has recently received notification form National Park System Advisory Board, that she has been appointed to serve on an important committee of that group. Annie has been appointed to a two-year term on the Planning Committee of the influential Advisory Board. The planning committee has as its primary purpose the recommendation of a vision and guidelines for a national park system plan. In her new role, Annie will use her experience as the Executive Director of the Essex National Heritage Commission since its inception to offer advice about the role of National Parks and the national park service programs. Annie is most qualified to offer direction on how the Heritage Area program can best be utilized within the overall National park Service system. All of us at Essex Heritage applaud Annie’s choice for this important national role, and know that with her experience on the ground here in Essex County and as a long time officer of the Alliance of National Heritage Areas she will present options that will be well thought out, and will bear consideration as a plan is developed.

Essex Heritage Executive Committee

At the recent meeting of the ENHC Executive Committee a presentation was provided relative to the work of the Development Committee. That Committee has generated substantial activity over the last several weeks, and the recent report outlined the work of the committee that has provided a number of corporate leads that have resulted in many successful outcomes. When the committee was first formed at the end of last quarter a goal was set that a specific number of appointments with regional businesses were to be established and that goal has been surpassed and the results have been most gratifying. Over the next several weeks more appointments will be established and a series of mailings have also been sent out to area businesses that previously provided support this week. In addition to the activity report, a new case statement that focuses on the reasons for providing support to Essex Heritage has been developed and that material has been provided in the recent mailing and will be available for future efforts...

Extra Efforts Focused on Membership in October

The staff as Essex Heritage responsible for the membership effort welcomes the opportunity to provide updates on the mission of Essex Heritage to any local business that would have an interest in seeing the work of Essex Heritage continue. For more information contact the ENHC Director of Development and Communication, Mary Williamson at, During the past 6 weeks, several area business have agreed to become Essex Heritage Business partners and we now count fifteen area businesses as either Sustainer, Benefactor or Supporter members. Personal membership signups were also one of the primary targets for Essex Heritage during the month of October, and the effort paid off as well as at the end of the month we now have 138 members in the five membership categories offered. A continuing effort to sign up new members will also be a focus through the end of the year, and information on the program can be found on the Essex Heritage web site at or by contacting Elizabeth Rankin at either or at 978 740 0444...

Essex Heritage Photo Contest Entries Double for 2010

The Executive committee membership also participated with the Essex Heritage staff by casting their preferences in a preliminary vote to begin the process of choosing the winners of the annual Essex Heritage 2010 Photo Contest. The photographs preliminarily chosen from the entries in the 2010 contest will then be delivered to a professional panel of judges who will choose the final winning entries. Essex Heritage was particularly pleased this year as the number of contestants from the previous year doubled. The photos offered were also spectacular and clearly provided wonderful pictorial evidence of the resources available to us all in this area. The photographs were divided into four individual categories that included People, Essex Heritage Events, Along the Essex Heritage Scenic Byway, and the Four Seasons. This spectacular expansion of participants is likely a direct result of the Photo Safari program sponsored by Hunts Photo and Video that has focused so much energy on using photography as a wonderful form of expression.

Essex Heritage Hero Planning

It seems that it was just a short time ago, when a full house of friends and family gathered at the Blue Ocean Music Hall on the Beach in Salisbury to honor the Essex Heritage Hero’s for 2010. That event that honored three of the most prominent citizens of Amesbury, Newburyport and Salisbury was s great social success for Essex Heritage and a rewarding experience for the honorees. Former Amesbury and Newburyport Mayor’s Nick Costello and Byron Matthews and tourism activist Maria Miles from Salisbury were wonderful choices for the awards, and continued the tradition of outstanding award winners. Now even though the event to honor the 2011 Heritage Hero Award winners is still almost one half a year away in May 2011, the process to select award recipients and a location for the event is underway. We expect that by year end 2010, or shortly after the New Year Essex Heritage will have an announcement that will demonstrate that the 2011 winners will be as deserving as past winners have been. Keep tuned into Essex Heritage communication vehicles to learn who will receive the prestigious awards for 2011, where the event will be held, and how you can participate in this important regional event.

Danvers Group to Lead Walk

The weather report for Saturday looks like it will be a pleasant November day and the Danvers Bi-Peds have scheduled a walk on the Danvers Rail Trail. If you live in that area, it might be a good opportunity to sample that new community asset. The Bi-Peds are organizing a walk that will start at 1:30 pm that afternoon at the Hobart Street Parking Lot in Danvers. This might be a great way to learn a little about the organizations and the people who have contributed their efforts to bring the Rail Trail to where it is today. It is not yet finished, but substantial progress has been made in recent weeks. There will even be a raffle that day and it may be a wonderful way to get a little exercise and at the same to get a taste of the still unfinished but developing Rail Trail in that community...

Salem Power Station in the News

Although the Salem Power Station on Fort Avenue built in 1951 certainly will never qualify as one of resources that Essex Heritage seeks to preserve the facility is still important to the region. The local newspapers this past week carried stories that noted that the owners of that facility that still provides substantial power to this region is considering asking to be delisted as primary power provider. This sometimes is a precursor to plans to shut the facility down. There are certainly many in the region that would like to see that happen as the plant has long been thought of as a facility that impacts the air quality of the region, but the facility still is an important power resource for the region. In addition, from the standpoint of one municipal government, the City of Salem could certainly be negatively impacted. The power station ownership is at present the City’s largest taxpayer and provides $4.75 million in revenue each year to the city. This will certainly be a story to watch in the future and to monitor as any decisions will have an impact on at least one important community in the entire region when one considers our overall demand for power...

As always we value your comments, questions and observations about the work of Essex Heritage. Please contact me with your thoughts or any questions you may have at We are always striving to make Essex Heritage work as effectively as possible and your input and suggestions are always welcome. We can always provide more information and better communication, and one of the goals of these postings on Essex happenings is to provide that opportunity. You can also contact me directly if you wish information on the August 2011 Travel opportunity to the Northern National Parks. I am signed up for the trip, and I hope that you will consider joining me on that trip. Thank You. Tom Leonard

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