Friday, November 26, 2010

Two New College Bochures, Festival of Trees in Methuen and Other Information


Montserrat College of Art Creates Brochure for Essex Heritage

Essex Heritage is pleased and proud to announce a new partnership with the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. The first project that the college has assisted the Commission with is the creation of a new informational brochure that outlines some of the advantages to the region of the development of the Essex Heritage Scenic Byway. The Commission is indebted to the group from the college who offered their creative support to develop this most informative brochure. The brochure will go a long way to help promote this project in the region as it speaks to the process and the collaborative effort that has been developed and undertaken to advance the development of the Byway. The material provided also focuses on the need by the region in general and the many communities impacted by this project to offer moral and collective support for this initiative. The material presented also provided a litany of specific facts about the byway and helps put the scope of the project into the proper perspective. The facts associated with the project point out that there are thirteen communities that will be impacted by the project that will travel along the 85 mile route. There ate 8700 properties along the Byway that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and several National Historic Landmarks as well. The brochure will be made available by Essex Heritage across the region but the fastest and most effective to way to obtain a copy of this work is to sign on to where the material can be downloaded and then personally printed.

Festival of Trees in Methuen

One of the longest running preservation funding events takes place every year right around the Thanksgiving holiday. This year the Festival of Trees will be held at the office park at 13 Branch Street in Methuen. The festival this year will run from November 20, 2010 until December 4, 2010. At the site of the Festival, 200 decorated trees can be viewed by visitors, and ultimately all of the trees will be raffled off and the proceeds used to fund the continuing preservation effort. The proceeds from this event have provided preservation funds for dozens of worthy projects in that section of the Merrimac Valley. To date the festival has provided more than $1 million in preservation grants. To help celebrate this annual festival that committee that runs the event noted that this month one of the beneficiaries of the preservation grants, the Nevins Memorial Library in Methuen will begin the restoration work on twenty stained glass windows in the Great Hall at the library. The site is important as the library was the initial site for the festival that began in 1994. This preservation effort has been a wonderfully successful endeavor as over the 16 years that the Festival has been offered the beneficiaries have been dozens of important projects in that region. For more information on the festival or to learn the hours of operation visit .

North Shore Community College Produces New Brochure

The North Shore Community College has produced a new brochure that helps point out the value of the college to the region. In a recent posting I noted my participation with the College and focused a bit on the continuing stream of graduates who now make up and will continue to fill the needed roles of the region’s work force in the future. North Shore Community College graduates are most likely to stay in the region after graduation and are a wonderful resource for the business community in the region. The new brochure provides valuable information about pertinent statistics regarding the College, the access that the College provides to the region for higher education, scholarship needs, and how you can make a difference. I am proud to be a long-term member of the Board of the College Foundation and have experienced the work that is being done on the multiple campuses in the region. For additional information on the college call the office of development at 978 739-5527 or visit A contribution to the Foundation created by the college will go a long way to help educate the work force of the future.

Salem and Beverly Rotary Clubs Meet before the Thanksgiving Game

On Tuesday the combined membership of the Salem and Beverly Rotary clubs met at the Danversport Yacht Club for the annual event that helps prepare folks for the 112th edition of Salem vs. Beverly on the gridiron. There were representative including coaches, players, cheerleaders and administrators from both schools on hand to extol the virtues of the two teams. The general theme that it will be nice for each team to turn in a winning effort, but first and foremost let’s hope all of the participants are safe and the morning will be enjoyable to all who attend.. Since the two team both sport five and five records it looks like a very even game and there is an incentive for both teams to put out great efforts. There were other high school games of importance and community pride being played around the region yesterday morning, and we hope that all of you who attended one of those contests enjoyed the experience.

Northeast Harvest Newsletter for November

The November issue of the Northeast Harvest has been published and as always has a wonderful collection of columns. There is information on what is available at this time of year and the farms in Essex and Middlesex Counties and a wonderful series of facts about fresh Christmas trees. If you want to subscribe information can be found on a visit to www.essexheritage,org.

North Shore Elder Services “We Give Thanks” Event

Last Thursday evening, North Shore Elder Services honored individuals, organizations, and business that have made a positive and lasting difference in the quality of life for North Shore older adults, their families, and their caregivers at the second annual “We Give Thanks” recognition event held at the Danversport Yacht Club.

The event was attended by more than 130 persons. It was co-sponsored by GateHouse Media of New England, publishers of the Danvers Herald, Marblehead Reporter, Tri-Town Transcript, Salem Gazette, North Shore Sunday, and Beverly Citizen. GateHouse Media was represented by Myrna Fearer, Danvers Herald Community Editor. The organization is particularly indebted to Rhonda Gauthier for her organizational and promotional efforts that made the event so successful. Thanks are also extended to all the event sponsors and the support of the NSES Board of Directors. Information on the sponsors who helped support the evening and the award winners can be found on the NSES website.

Automatic Notifications by E-Mail of Essex Happenings Postings Considered

In the recent past, I have received a couple of inquires about how postings to the Essex Happenings Blog could arrive in ones e-mail box automatically. In that way one could choose if they wanted to read the most recent edition or to ignore it, but the posting would be there for one’s access. I regularly post to this BLOG every Tuesday and Friday, but if this process makes it easier for some if we have provided that access, we want to accommodate... We are still working on an automated system, but in the interim if anyone wishes they can provide an e-mail address to me at and I will provide that access.

As always we value your comments, questions and observations about the work of Essex Heritage. Please contact me with your thoughts or any questions you may have at We are always striving to make Essex Heritage work as effectively as possible and your input and suggestions are always welcome. We can always provide more information and better communication, and one of the goals of these postings on Essex happenings is to provide that opportunity. You can also contact me directly if you wish information on the August 2011 Travel opportunity to the Northern National Parks sponsored by Essex Heritage. I am signed up for and will be helping to lead the trip, and I hope that you will consider joining me on that trip. Thank You. Tom Leonard

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