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Essex Happenings September 3, 2013



Trails & Sails News
Thanks to new and returning event hosts, over 100 events have been scheduled for the 12th annual Trails & Sails: Two Weekends of Walks and Water, taking place September 20-22 & September 27-29, 2013!

See the full listing of events and plot your course online at when the site goes "live" August 1st! Trails & Sails 2013 is generously sponsored by: With Thanks to TD Bank:
A Presenting Sponsor of Trails & Sails 2013

Essex Heritage is pleased to announce that TD Bank has returned as a Presenting Sponsor of Trails & Sails 2013! We are very grateful for TD Bank's commitment to the mission of the Essex National Heritage Commission, our communities and the residents of Essex County. With their continued support we are able to keep Trails & Sails a FREE public outreach celebration. Thank you!

Essex Heritage Fall Meeting
Save the Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mark your calendar for Essex Heritage's Annual Fall Meeting on Thursday, September 5th, from 8am - 10am, at the  Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester!  We invite you to participate in this free, valuable morning of networking and regional engagement! The agenda will include updates on Essex Heritage initiatives, introduction of new Commissioners and the presentation of Essex Heritage's Pioneers in Partnership Awards .Learn more and download a PIP Award Nomination Form


City of Peabody work in the Square Nearly Complete  
The City of Peabody road reconfiguration work in the square is almost complete and the City Administration, local merchants and residents appear to be pleased with the results.

City of Peabody Concert Series
The City of Peabody is scheduling a series of late summer early fall concerts at the Peabody Institute Library which started on 8/15.   The events will be held in the Sutton Room.   For information on dates and artists visit

Cruise Ships planning Accelerates in Salem
The City of Salem is accelerating deep water port planning at its Blaney Street Port.  The City operated ferry service was recently featured in a WCVB Chronicle segment on commuting to Boston and now have announced plans to accelerate work on the development of the deep water port to encourage the visit of Cruise Ships from a few hundred to 1500 passengers starting as early as 2014.

During the early weeks of August, the communities of Salem and Beverly offered annual Festivals called Heritage Days and Homecoming for their residents.  

Local high Salem School Student band to hold Fundraiser
In this region we are blessed with a number of great student bands.  As a resident of Danvers we are most pleased with the number of events that the band has participated in over the years. We recently learned that another well drilled local band will soon be seeking donations to bring their instruments and uniforms up to date.   At the Salem Rotary we have annually been blessed with a holiday concert performed by the members of the Salem band and we wish them well as they start their new campaign.

Massachusetts Elder Affairs Secretary Ann Hartstein has announced the appointment of two senior managers.

•       Sue Temper is the new Elder Affairs Assistant Secretary of Programs and Operations.  Ms. Temper spent 18 years as executive director of Springwell, an Area Agency on Aging and Aging Service Access Point, offering a wide array of services to seniors and people with disabilities in the near-Boston western suburbs. Ms. Temper will assume her new role on August 5th.

•       Sue Thomson is the new Elder Affairs Assistant Secretary of Policy and Program Development, having been the agency’s Chief of Staff since 2007.  Ms. Thomson will begin her new job on Monday, July 29th.  Before coming to work for Elder Affairs, the new Assistant Secretary was Executive Director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. 

Senior managers appointed at North Shore Elder Services to the local leadership team.
Cheryl Krisko, RN is now the Chief Program Officer overseeing all programs and services directly involving clients.  These include Home Care Programs, Nursing Services, Protective Services, Information Services, Family Caregiver, Options Advisors, GAFC, and Community Services.  Cheryl reports directly to me.

Rhonda Gauthier has been promoted to the position of Director of Community Services. 

Her responsibilities include overseeing Title III funded programs and activities (Area Plan, Nutrition, and Nursing Facility Ombudsman), Money Management, Volunteers, the Over the Rainbow LGBT Coalition and serving as liaison to Councils on Aging.  She reports to Cheryl Krisko in her capacity as Chief Program Officer.

North Shore Elder Services to install informational kiosk at Danvers Council on Aging
The Longevity Connection at North Shore Elder Services is pleased to introduce the Kiosk for Living Well at the Danvers Council on Aging. The Kiosk, a project launched this spring by Greater Lynn Senior Services, is aimed at building a community for and around seniors. Trained volunteers serve as advisors and are available to meet with visitors to the Center and explore, via face-to face discussion or the computer, a variety of healthy lifestyle options. The kiosk also is a resource for those seeking information on transportation options, looking for social activities and interaction, and Skype and email access. The volunteers will be here every Thursday in August from 10 AM-1 PM. September dates will be announced in the September newsletter. Stop by and say hello.   This is a most important development for me as I serve on both the Danvers Council on Aging and North Shore Elder Services.   It is even more important to me as I serve on the Longevity Connection Committee.   The management of that initiative at NSES should be complimented for heir initiative.

Larcom Theater in Beverly Announces Schedule for 2013-14
The remodeled Larcom Theater on Wallis Street in Beverly recently announced a schedule of six shows running from this October through next May.    This is a new operation and the schedule looks very interesting.   Tickets for all six shows are on sale now and a call to the Theater at 617-531-1257 will connect one to the box office.   All additions to the cultural resources in this region adds to what makes this region so special.   Essex Heritage is most concerned with the historical, natural and cultural resources of this region.

Golf Tournament Report: This golf tournament fundraiser scheduled for 9/16 is an important event for the Society and will be played at the Black Swan Country Club in Georgetown.  If you can play on Sept 16, please sign up ($125 p/p includes golf, cart, lunch, contests, and a lot of fun).  Please reach out to golfers you know to join in the tournament. Also, make a donation if you can. We need as many sponsors as possible. Let's make this fundraiser a huge success so we can keep improving the Society and its programs.  Thanks, Wayne Eisenhower President

SHOW HOUSE UPDATE AT GLEN MAGNA MANSION: The Holiday Show House reached a major milestone this week with all the rooms being taken by designers and all the designer contracts signed.

Join us in celebrating four major upcoming Anniversaries:  In December, the 50th anniversary of saving Glen Magna Farms and the Endicott Mansion, and in 2014, the Society's 125th Anniversary, the 100th anniversary of the saving of the 1754 Page House and the 200th Anniversary of the Ingersoll Farm transformation into Glen Magna Farms, one of America's first country estates by Salem Maritime Merchant Joseph Peabody, one of the richest men in America.

St. John’s Prep Football
St John’s Prep football schedule for 2013 has been set.   After several planned scrimmages with local schools including Salem. Pingree and two Lynn Schools.  The Prep opens with Bridgewater-Raynham and will host powerhouses Brockton, Everett, Malden Catholic and Xaveraian as the season progresses.    The Prep team recently won a 7 on 7 contest held at Bishop Fenwick High School in Peabody and they are expected to be a football force in this region and the most talented Catholic Conference.

Since my recent decision to end a decade and one half employment relationship with the Essex National Heritage Commission as they continue to have limited financial resources to extend their efforts, I have more time to enjoy a long time avocation reading and as in the past, I wish to share some of my recent reads and my thoughts. The books that I have read this summer and enjoyed in recent weeks follow.

Frozen in Time: An Epic Tory of Survival by Mitchel Zucoff…a wonderful story about a military airplane crash, survival and ultimate  rescue.  Wonderful thriller with a glorious ending about a hunt for US Hero’s.

Those Angry Days, Roosevelt, Lindberg and America’s Fight over WW 11….A Story of America’s entry into a World War.

Inferno by Best Selling author Dan Brown…A novel set in Europe about world population growth.   This book was as entertaining as his previous presentation.

The Guns Last Night by Ric Atkinson the last book in the Liberation Trilogy about the war in Western Europe in 1944 and 1945

I am currently reading and fascinated by a book entitled FDR, written by Jean Edward Smith about the life of President Roosevelt from his youth to his time in the White House.  As you can see my choice of reading focuses on the period of the 1940’s as I was alive during that period but only have hazy real time memories of the period. 

The book provided a wonderful overview of how well the President and the Congress worked together in the time of crisis at the end of the great depression. The period brought the country the creation of Social Security, the establishment of insurance on bank deposits and the project focused WPA that developed numerous facilities that are still providing support to many locations in the country. In addition the time produced the electrification of Rural America.

Roosevelt’s efforts were certainly complimented by the start of World War Two and the positive impact that the conflict had on the economy, job creation and other economic benefits.    There was a period of disenchantment with the President as the Roosevelt decided to attempt a court packing program with the Supreme Court, but most of those problems were overcome with the election of the President to an unprecedented third term.  His forward thinking to create and obtain congressional approval of a lend lease program to assist the President in his efforts to arm England and aid them in their defense of Europe before our entry into the war.    Then came Pearl Harbor in 1941 and a second front for the President to be concerned about. The attack came after a prolonged series of discussions on both sides to prevent a difficult war in another part of the world.

The book ended with recaps of several important battles of the war.   It also recounted the president’s final election and the final day of his life at Warm Springs, Georgia.   I was so enthralled with the presentation that I have started a new offering by the  Roosevelt Author on the life of the General and President Eisenhower.   Hopefully that effort will be as good as book I just finished

My youngest grandson Casey Leonard participated in a summer baseball tournament with his Northborough team.   They as a group did not fare all that well, but had a great series with a half a dozen hits and two home run.   He pitched and caught and after a summer of chasing all over that part of the state to watch him play, we were pleased to learn that many of these games could be watched on our lap top computer.   There was a single camera located behind home plate on several of the 120 fields where they played, and as primarily a pitcher or a catcher we saw much of Casey’s activities in those games that were shown on the laptop.

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