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Essex Heritage Annual Meeting
Congratulations to Jack Good of People’s United on his Election as President of Essex Heritage

Seven Lectures at The Seven Gables: Brunonia Barry
November 20, 2013 • The House of the Seven Gables, 115 Derby Street, Salem, MA, 01970
Salem’s own NY Times best-selling author, Baccante award winner & Strnad Fellowship recipient presents her latest novel fresh off the press.

Monthly Essex Heritage Newsletter
One of the very best ways to keep in contact with all of the activities of the Essex National Heritage Commission is outlined every month in the newsletter that is electronically distributed  to a wide groups of Friends of the Commission   If you do not receive this informative presentation you can sign up to receive the monthly newsletter sign up at the address noted below.  Essex Heritage"

On October 16, 2013 The Essex National Heritage Commission held its prestigious Heritage Hero dinner at the Danversport YC in Danvers.   This year the honoree was Joanne Patton and the Patton Family.   As noted this recognition event is held each year and many local prominent community leaders have been honored including the former Mayor of Newburyport, Byron Matthews, former Mayor of Amesbury, Nick Costello. Current Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll,  Danvers Town Manager Wayne Marquis, North Shore Community College Retired President Wayne Burton and last year, I was the honoree.   This award presentation was one of the highlights of my professional life. 

This year’s event was a great success – attended by nearly 450 guests - who toasted the Pattons and Essex Heritage.  The Color Guard from Norwich University presented the colors accompanied by Sargent Daniel Clark who recited a moving poem about Old Glory followed by a magnificent rendition of the National Anthem.   

Regional recreational Trails
One of the primary goals of Essex Heritage, and a longtime interest of this author, is the development and implementation of recreational activities in this region.  The following are details of several initiatives currently underway in the region.

Danvers Rail trail completed
With the help of a very important Commonwealth of Massachusetts Grant the two communities of Danvers and Wenham have completed valuable sections of the BORDER TO BOSTON TRAIL.   As a longtime resident of the Town of Danvers I want to compliment the coalition from that community who came together to complete this important regional asset that will be used and enjoyed by many from Danvers and nearby  communities into the future.   The permanent crushed and rolled stone surface on the trail will serve many well into the future.

City of Lawrence Opens Greenway
The City of Lawrence recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony to signify the opening of the Spiket River Greenway.   The greenway is a three and one half mile, ten million dollar project that runs from the Polartec Company to Union Square and includes green spaces, and walking paths. The greenway is now open to the general public for their use.  The project was a collaboration of federal. State, and community groups.

Walking Trail in West Newbury Built by Volunteers
In West Newbury, a group of community volunteers, students and residents constructed a one mile walking trail that crosses  four parcels on thirty acres of conservation land along Essex County Greenbelt property.

Other Regional Events and Activities

Two Local Bank Presidents and Community Activists to Retire
Announcements of two impending retirements have been offered to the region by local Bank leaders   Both organizations in question are strong financial and moral supporters of the region and particularly that of Essex Heritage.  The first of these retirements is the decision of long time leader of Rockport National Bank, Peter Anderson to step down in September.  

The second of these careers coming to an end is by the long time President of Salem Five Bank Joseph Gibbons.   This retirement means a great deal more to me as Joe and I worked together for a number of years when I was also employed by that Bank.     Joe provided substantial support to this region and particularly to Essex Heritage where he replaced me when I retired on the Essex Heritage Board of Trustees   Joe will be replaced at Salem by the institutions Chief Financial Officer, Ping Yin Chai who I also worked with for many years at the bank..     Concurrent with these changes Salem Five also named Bruce Potter of Danvers as the Executive Vice President.  Bruce is another former associate of mine at Salem Five Bank.    `Best of wishes to the two CEO’s in their retirements and  to their replacements that I am certain will represent their Banks  to the region in the future.

St. Richard’s of Danvers Golden anniversary Events
My wife Marge and I are exceptionally pleased to be serving as the honorary chairpersons of the celebrations being offered by the Danvers Catholic parish.   There have been concerts, social events, celebratory liturgical events and plans are underway to make improvements to the church facility including accessibility conditions.

         The next planned parish function scheduled is participation in a Road Race/Walk on October 6th at 1:30 followed by a parish cookout for the runners and parishioners that will be there to welcome the runners participation.   The race will start and finish at the Town’s sensational recreational venue at Endicott Park adjacent to the church.  After the race all will be invited to participate in a Parish Picnic, with a cookout, games and baked goods at noon.   The race entry fee door the run will be $20, but the picnic will be priced at $5 or $20 for a family to all other parish attendees.

North Shore Elder Services (Longevity Connection)
 We all know what is means to get old, right?
by Eileen Lubas, Manager, The Longevity Connection;  Click here to read it now!:

Personal Observations

Fall Arrives Along with Football and other Autumn sports
There are many in the region that laments when the summer passes, but the fall can be such a pleasant time as temperatures moderate and the humidity usually drops.   For those that enjoy the fall season, with numerous family activities like apple picking, leaf viewing and from my standpoint football returns to the region.   We are so blessed in this region to have a most competitive professional team and there are a plentiful group of college, high schools and youth programs for viewing pleasure. This is not to demean the numerous regional participants in soccer and Field Hockey, and I am a very vocal supporter of those two sports as I have granddaughters participating in Varsity efforts at both Danvers and Algonquin Regional High School, and my wife and I were regular viewers of school sports.   Those interests will be impacted be personal changes to our personal activities outlined later in this Blog.

The New England Patriots experienced a bump in the road with a very slow and uneven start of the season, bit sill stand an 2 and 0, but the outlook for the success of that  team is still most optimistic.    Now if Boston College, that has started two and 1 UMass and the other local colleges plus your favorite community HIGH school team can be reasonably successful then the fall will be enjoyed.
Now that Labor Day has come and gone and the local schools have reopened, it is once again time for me to offer some observations on one of my favorite subjects, my Grandchildren and their connections to school sports.   My oldest is away at the University of North Carolina where he serves as one of the leaders of a Dance Marathon event to benefit a children’s hospital on his University Campus.    The next oldest is a girl, Katherine that is serving as one of the captains of the field, hockey team at Danvers high school, that is looking forward to a successful season.  The other young lady, Caroline, after a successful Junior Varsity season last year is one of only three sophomores’ that have been picked to play on the Varsity Soccer Team at Algonquin Regional High School.   We planned to take a number of trips to the west of the North Shore to watch her perform this seas,. But those plans are now in a state of flux.   Our last grandchild Casey is still at the Jr. High Level, but in the fall and winter of 2013, he will participate on an AAU Baseball team based in Sutton.    That experience should help him as he progresses in youth baseball on the future.. 

On a Sunday in the middle of the last month, Marge and I feel very sorry that we were unable to join my sister and her family as they celebrated the golden wedding anniversary.  Nancy and her husband Neil Savianio celebrated at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel In Salem.

Woodman’s Celebrate in unusual manner
A long time friend and occasional business associate Jon  Woodman and his wife Betsy recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary by offering a free jazz convert for their community for their friends and associates.  It was a great way to celebrate a milestone date.

Golden Anniversary of the Organization of Father John O’Donnell of Salem
We are most disappointed that late last month we were unable due to the injury noted below, unable to attend a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the ordination of Father John O’Donnell to the priesthood.   The event was commemorated with a mass in Salem followed by a luncheon at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel.   Fifty years ago, Marge and I attended John’s Ordination in Gloucester, and his first mass in Salem.   John was a boyhood friend growing up, and he baptized both of our sons.

Situation in Syria
The ongoing situation in Syria when coupled with the Anniversary of 9/11 leaves many questions about the proposed actions of this government.   It will be a most difficult time with possible cyber attacks and other problems being considered as a offshoot.   It does appear that the Secretary of State Kerry is close to a nonmilitary solution to address these issues both in other countries and here in the USA. There has been a long period of conflicts in this world. and it appears that the majority of the American citizens do not want another military conflict, and that certainly impacts the decisions of our president and our other elected officials.

Marge Suffers a Serious Injury
My wife Marge suffered a serious injury when she slipped on a staircase and x-rays showed the breakage of two bones in her ankle.   There are a number of steps still to be considered by the tending medical people involved, and we must wait for that information before we move forward.    The one thing that appears certain, is that the daily living of our lives will change rather dramatically over the weeks ahead.  We will keep you updated on what we learn and how those changes will impact our joint efforts to continue to serve many organizations in the region.  We would like to thank our family, many good friends and neighbors who have jumped to our aid.  Many thanks to all of them.

Summer Reading
When I find an author whose writing style I enjoy, I usually seek another offering for my reading pleasure.  This is the case with Jean Edward Smith, and staying with the military theme, I have just finished reading ‘Eisenhower in War and peace’’ The life story goes from his earliest days in Kansas. Then followed by his days at the military academy at West Point.  He excelled in both academics and athletics at that Institution.

The story then continued through his early years in the Army where he worked for two army giants, ‘Black Jack” Pershing and Douglas Mac Arthur both generals and hero’s to the county.    He had a number of army heavyweights that helped his career through his association with MacArthur in the Philippines and for Pershing as he worked on the presentation of Pershing’s memoirs on the first war in Francs.   The work done by Ike on the first World War walking in the fields of France was incredibly helpful to him as he participated in the later war during the invasion of Europe.    Hus earliest days were in tanks, where he developed a close association and long term friendship with General George Paton that was very helpful later during subsequent military encounters.     The memoir carried through his work coaching football  at Army Installations and then  on to the invasion of Italy.

A great deal of the book focused on his work as the Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces the carried on the greatest invasion of all time in Normandy France.   His incredible work in building the required coalition between he English and the Americans certainly prepared him for the role he would later play as the American President.   The history carried on through his two terms as president and the difficult task of leading the USA after the war through “McCarthyism” and the emergence of the importance of the Middle East in world affairs.    The presentation covered his participation in two wars at that time in Korea and Vietnam.

The memoir continued with reports on Presidential initiatives on matters such as the development of the St Lawrence Seaway and a comprehensive national highway system.    The book also reported on social activities such as the expansion of social security recipients and increases in the minimum wages paid at that time.    The book also chronicled the work dome on a retirement farm in Gettysburg that was at the time of the death of the Eisenhower’s was deeded to the National Park Service.

`There was a heart attack and a Gastro intestinal that the President survived and severe crises in places life Formosa and the middle east that he managed successfully and after much deliberations. Ike decided to run for a second term where and won handily over Adele Stevenson

Ike became somewhat involved in the Segregation issue mote than any President before him in issues in Little Rock, Arkansas. School issue. Where he sent in federal troops

The book concluded with   the first issues surrounding the space race  and the Russian launch of a Russian Satellite and U2 flight.  The President suffered several medical setbacks including a small stroke but continued to effectively lead the country during most turbulent times.

The book concluded with the election of JFK over VP Nixon.   The final entry recorded the removal of a life support systems from the former president at Walter Reed Hospital  in Washington   Prior to leaving office as a former lifelong military man, his rank as a five Star General of the Army was restored, as he value being known as General rather than as a former President was most important to him.

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