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Please review the following article from the most recent Essex Heritage newsletter that provides information on an important education program offered by Essex Heritage

Connecting Essex LINCs

For the past four years, elementary educators in Essex County have attended seminars in which they gained access to primary sources and brought them into their classrooms in new and unique ways. Through an Essex National Heritage Commission partnership with Beverly Public Schools, the National Archives and Records Administration, and Salem State University, Connecting Essex LINCs, a federally funded Teaching American History grant, has positioned teachers to tell those stories. Now in its final weeks, the program has completed 28 workshops and 5 week long summer institutes. Approximately 145 teachers visited local historic sites and participated in "try-outs" of multi-level lessons. They, in turn, created approximately 300 activities with those resources.

At each workshop, university scholars explored the broad themes of "governing," "working," or "peopling" the Area. Lessons ranged from a recreation of a typical 19thc town meeting to an eagle concentration game aimed at familiarizing young students with a national symbol. Activities used an inquiry method that encourages students to interact with source material, taking a hands-on approach. Primary sources from over 20 different communities within Essex County were located, digitized, transcribed and put into lessons. Those lessons and primary sources can be located on the grant website.

Frank Tyrell Completes Fifty Years in Kiwanis

Frank Tyrell is an institution in the Town of Danvers and it was nice to see him featured in a recent story in the Salem News. The story was about Frank’s ongoing participation as the only remaining charter member of the two- dozen folks that formed the Danvers Kiwanis Club fifty years ago. Frank is now 93 years young, but is going as strong now as I am sure he did 50 years ago. He has served many organizations in his long and illustrious life including the Danvers Historical Society where we both serve as board members. Frank is still an active “player” in the work of the Society as he is in his role as a long time Danvers Town Meeting Member. In the past, Frank has shown a long-term interest in the youth of Danvers and education as he represented the Town of Danvers on the North Shore Vocational School Board and also served on the Danvers School Committee for a number of years; A couple of months ago, at Frank’s request, I provided a presentation to the Beverly-Danvers Grange about the mission of Essex Heritage, and found another organization that has and continues to benefit from Frank Tyrell’s wisdom and energy. Congratulations to the Danvers Kiwanis club and the many members of that superlative community civic club, on their golden anniversary and to Frank Tyrell on his five decades of service to the community of Danvers. I have spoken to the Danvers Kiwanis group on several occasions, about the work of Essex Heritage and have seen the respect offered to Frank in his ongoing role as the only active charter member of the club. I serve as an active Salem Rotarian, but have long ago recognized the wonderful service provided to the community by the Danvers Kiwanis Club, and committed members like Frank Tyrell.

Wonderful Wheelchair Story from Lawrence

I am sorry that I do not have all of the names and pertinent information on a story that developed recently in Lawrence. In the last several weeks there has not been a lot of positive news coming out of the northern Essex County community that is one of the northern most communities in the Essex Heritage Area. The recent news concerning the mayor and a number of investigations that he and his administration are being subjected to have all cast the largest city in the region in a most negative light. At the end of last week there seemed to be even more bad news coming out of the city, when a youngster suffering from Cerebral Palsy had his wheelchair, that is his only means of transportation, stolen from in front of his home while he was inside getting dressed for school. Incidents that involve the use of wheelchairs by folks that are disabled in one way or another are of great interest to me, and this is a story that certainly caught my attention.

Fortunately the story had a happy ending as a former teacher of the young man came to his home with a replacement wheelchair that she no longer needed. If that were not good news enough, several others from this former mill city also arrived at the home with chairs to help the young man. His parents have now made certain that all of the extra chairs have found their way to an organization that provides help to youngsters with developmental issues so this is a story that ended well not just for the youngster whose chair was taken, but possibly for a number of youngsters who clearly need help.

Amesbury Banker Charlie Cullen Offers to have a Buzz Cut for Charity

In the years that I have known Essex County banker, Charlie Cullen, time and time again, he has been a focal point for numerous charity efforts in this region. He has offered his services as the chairman of numerous charity appeals, as a Master of Ceremonies of fundraising events and has generally been available to support good causes, including Essex Heritage, without much concern for his personal comfort level. He is now involved in the ultimate fundraising effort without concern for his personal comfort. This time, he has taken on the ultimate challenge to his fundraising skills. There is an ongoing effort in Amesbury to raise funds for a young man that was paralyzed in an auto accident. The event that Charlie has become involved in is an event at the Amesbury sports center dubbed” Rip it and Clip it”. The event is a hair-cutting event for the benefit of the young man who was paralyzed in the accident. The roster of local celebrities that have been lined up to have their hair trimmed is a “Who’s Who of the tri-town region. The organizers have lined up the mayors of Amesbury and Newburyport and the Sheriff of Essex County along with Charlie Cullen to participate. But the star of the event will be our good friend, Charlie Cullen who has agreed to have a buzz cut administered on his head if $5000 in additional pledges from the public can be raised that will then match a $5000 pledge to the event from The Provident Bank where Charlie serves as President. The event is scheduled for this Friday, June 17, 2011 from 6 to 11, Tickets are for sale for the event at $10. For more information go to“help-the-cause. or to support the banks matching donation, visit .

St. Peter’s Festival Scheduled Later this Month

The annual St. Peter’s Festival will once again be held in the working seaport community of Gloucester on the weekend of June 22-26. The community of Gloucester has become a wonderful destination for visitors to this region and for the residents of the area, and the annual Fiesta is a special event that focuses on the important maritime heritage of this community. The event will begin on June 22nd with a concert at 7:00 pm at St. Peter’s Park. Other events scheduled during the Festival include a 5K Road race, the famous greasy pole contest, and boat races featuring the Coast Guard vs. the Navy and the Gloucester Fire vs. the Police Department. There will also be a prayer service and a closing procession. For more information and a detailed schedule of events visit

Farmer’s Markets to open in June in Middleton, and Salem.

• The Farmer’s Market in Middleton will open for the 2011 season on June 22nd in the parking lot of Angelica’s restaurant on route 114 from 3 until 6 every Wednesday through the end of the growing season. The Market will feature baked goods, fresh produce orchard products and lobsters offered by 20 local vendors. For more information visit
• The Salem Farmer’s Market will open its third season this Thursday, June 17th from 3-7 and will run through October 20th. This year the market will include 25 vendors who will provide fresh produce and eggs from local farms. On the opening day, the Salem Market will offer music and a cooking demonstration. Last year over 44,000 people visited the Market in a 19-week season. For more information on this event, visit

Peabody Library Event

On Saturday, June 18, 2011. The Peabody Institute Library in the leather city and will feature a youth and teen day to celebrate the start of the summer season outside the library from 1:30 to 3:30. The event will feature a community block party that will include youth bands, teen dance crews, a temporary tattoo parlor, a photo booth, entertainment, and a martial arts demonstration. The event is free and open to all, and is designed to encourage young people to participate in a summer reading program. The event will certainly be a fun time for the youth of the city and the goal to encourage reading is a most enviable goal.

Welcome Back to Boston, Lord Stanley

The old faithful and the many new fans of the Boston Bruins were all ecstatic when the team played so exceptional on Wednesday night in Vancouver, Canada and brought the Stanley Cup back to Boston. That win means that in the last seven years the Boston professional entries have all won a national title. That professional sports Grand slam is almost an embarrassment of riches for this region. for those of you who will make the trip into Boston on Saturday to view the Stanley Cup and to applaud the team, enjoy the experience.

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