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We hope that you will take a few moments to read the following items that were reprinted from the most recent Essex Heritage Newsletter. The material all pertains to the trail activities of ENHC. These activities are among the most important initiatives of Essex Heritage.

Along the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway
The 85-mile coastal route from Lynn to Newburyport
Scenic Byway Logo Unveiled

One of the high priority recommendations of the recently completed Corridor Management Plan was creation of byway logo. With thanks to the creative marketing firm of New Arts Collaborative (Rae Fran Coeur and George Courage) and favored by those attending the Essex Heritage annual spring meeting, a striking new logo can now be used by byway partners to promote their presence on the byway.

Essex Boosters Remain Positive
In the face of a down economy and a multi-year road project in their midst, the merchants of Essex look toward to the future. Read the Gloucester Daily Times article here.

Swampscott Harbor Festival, June 25
Local festivals are a sure sign of summer's fast approach. This one in Swampscott features a "duct tape regatta," teen band concert, and a bonfire - all right on the byway. Read more here.

Merrimack River Trail Initiative Launched

Photo:© Jim Higgins
In support of its mission to preserve and enhance the region's historical, cultural and natural resources, Essex Heritage, in partnership with the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC), recently launched a planning project focused on the development of the Merrimack River Trail, a 50-mile, 17-communty, multimodal recreational trail along the Merrimack River in Massachusetts.

Funded with a Recreational Trails Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the early stage effort entails documenting existing and potential routes and preparing recommendations regarding the trail's future development. The project is being conducted in cooperation with the Merrimack River Watershed Council and Northern Middlesex Council of Governments. For more information, please contact Essex Heritage at 978-740-0444. Read more...

Border to Boston Trail Design Begins

Nearly six years after Essex Heritage helped to secure federal funding for the project, engineers are set to begin designing a 16-mile portion of the Border to Boston Trail. Following recent federal and state approvals, the planning project will focus on the undeveloped sections of the former Boston and Maine Railroad right-of-way in Salisbury, Newbury, Georgetown, and Boxford. The scope of work entails surveying the route, addressing any environmental issues, engineering the trail itself, and determining construction costs.

Overall, the 28-mile, eight-community Border to Boston Trail is will extend from the New Hampshire border at Salisbury to Danvers. With several sections already in use, and with links to miles of local trails, the non-motorized, multi-use trail, is becoming one of the region's most outstanding recreational assets. Visit the Border to Boston website.

Nice Story About Tom Gould Providing Support

I recently read a story about a good friend of mine and how generous he and his company has been towards charities as a local small business owner. Tom Gould owns and operates Treadwell’s Ice Cream Shop in Peabody and has long been a valuable member of the regional business community. I have watched Tom as his company provided services to the Danvers Senior Center and the clients that they serve and I was always certain that he was providing his product in other places as well. His efforts to offer ice cream at certain Danvers Senior Center events over many years, was most positive. The story I recently read confirmed my suspicions as I learned that he was also providing ice cream sundaes to cancer patients at the North Shore Cancer Center on Endicott Street in Danvers. Tom has been doing this act of kindness once a month free of any charges for about a decade. This is most admirable and he should be commended for his kindness.
This type of activity also goes on at other hospitals in the region to help bring some cheer and a smile to patients. I spent several months at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem this past winter and at that facility there were numerous volunteers that offered services like ice cream socials, cookies and coffee etc on an ongoing basis. Thanks Tom, and Treadwell’s Ice Cream and all the other hospital volunteers in this region for all that you do to make seniors life’s more pleasant.

Salem Ferry Running Again

After the construction process that completed the paving of the new Salem Wharf, the popular Ferry program that runs several time a day between Salem and Boston is once again operating for the 2011 season. This program is very valuable to both communities as numerous visitors travel going in both directions using this service and it is certainly economically beneficial to both cities. If you have not tried this service yet, it is worth trying the service, as on a hot summer day, the trip can be a pleasant experience.

Preservation Work in Haverhill Recognized

Mayor James Fiorentini recently provided a municipal citation to the East Parish restoration Committee for its efforts to preserve the meeting House, and for having the building added to the National Register of Historic Places this past spring. The historic that dates to 1838, is one of only seven meeting houses still standing in the State. Last year historic Massachusetts named the property to its most endangered list, and the work that was accomplished was exceptional and timely.

Sixth Congressional District Comes Together

Last Monday evening hundred of elected officials, business people and residents of the region came together in Lynn to send a clear message that the Congressional District as presently constituted needs to remain untouched. This region, in some ways through the efforts of Essex Heritage is currently speaking with a single voice and needs to continue that posture into the future. Thanks to all who attended and made their positions known. Congratulations to Bill Luster of the North Shore Economic Alliance for his efforts in organizing the event, and a special thank you to two former Congressmen, Harrington, and Torkildensen and the present incumbent, John Tiermy for their leadership in this effort. We can all be hopeful that the re-districting Committee will listen to the comments offered by so many in the Lynn hearing.

Homeless Families located by the Commonwealth in Motels in this Region Growing Again

In recent years, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has housed a large percentage of its homeless population, from time to time, in motels in communities like Danvers, in 2010, those numbers were reducing. However in the most recent weeks, the number of families in the motels is once again growing, and the impact on Danvers is becoming serious once again. Just in the last six months, the number of homeless families housed in Danvers has increased by one hundred families. This number is a substantial increase over the recent past. The children connected to those families now totals 161 and this growth impacts many services in Danvers including school budgets, food pantry needs and other social services.

Hockey Mania in the Region starting to wind down

After a long weekend of celebrations, after clinching the Stanley Cup in Vancouver, Canada, it appears that the parades, a trip to Fenway Park, and walks with the cup in a baby stroller through the Boston’s North End are coming to an end. As a long time Bruins and hockey fan, it has been quite a ride, and for those of you that care, it is only about three months until Bruins training camp opens.

Golf’s United States Open captured by 22-year old Northern Irishman

What a sensational exhibition of golf we witnessed this past Father’s Day weekend. A young Irishman, Rory McEllroy played near flawless golf to capture his first major championship. His performance was an example of good planning and sensational execution. The victory is the second in a row by a golfer from Northern Ireland, a small country, but a hotbed of golf talent. This the first time, sine a pair of Englishmen in the 1920’s won the United State’s golf championship.

Speaking of golf, I am registered to attend a golf program for folks with physical handicaps offered at the Spaulding Rehabilitation facility in Sandwich on Cape Cod. Completion of this program will allow me to achieve one of my goals made after my leg amputation to get back on the golf course in 2011.

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