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Please review the information on the 2011 Essex Heritage’s Trails and Sails Event first provided in a recent Essex Heritage Newsletter

Event Submission Deadline, June 27
Each year, Essex Heritage coordinates fun and free weekends to celebrate the many organizations, businesses and events around this heritage area. This year marks the 10th anniversary - join us as we celebrate 10 years of TRAILS & SAILS.

Want to bring new visitors to your site? Sign up to host a fun event. The deadline is June 27 so don't wait!! If you would like to participate as an event host please email Emily or give us a call at 978-740-0444. We can help with ideas for a fun event to bring new visitors to you.

Benefit Night, June 28
A special thanks to Flatbread Company in Amesbury for having a night to celebrate Trails & Sails. Please join us in an evening of good food and fund raising: Tuesday, June 28 at Flatbread Company in Amesbury. Come hungry; bring your friends and family. Flatbread will donate a portion of each pizza sold during the evening! This is a delicious opportunity to support your favorite annual event.

Essex Heritage Trustee Meeting

Early last week the Essex Heritage Board of Trustees met to hear reports from Committee Chairs and from the Executive Team. The Development Committee offered a most positive report about how the Essex Heritage Hero’s event last month exceeded all of the financial and social goals that had been established. It was also reported that an appreciation event for all corporate supporters was scheduled for September to provide the opportunity to say thank you for their support.

The Nominating Committee recommended that the Board elect John Farmer of Danvers and Eastern Bank to fill a vacant spot on the Board of Trustees. That recommendation was approved unanimously.

Executive Director Annie Harris reported news that was both good and bad. She provided information to the Board that Patty Trap the Superintendent of the two National Park Service sites in this region has received a wonderful promotion. In mid July, she will join the Senior Administration Team at the National Park Service as the Deputy Director of the mid-west region of the Service in Omaha, Nebraska. The bad news that comes with the announcement is that Essex Heritage is losing a wonderful partner, who most certainly will be leaving her post in this region after enhancing and introducing a number of new and relevant programs. In the time Patty was assigned here in the Essex Heritage region she brought new ideas ”to the table” that provided more service to the residents of this region. We will certainly miss her, but we wish her well, and certainly expect that she will take her admiration of the mission of Heritage Area’s to her new assignment. The national view for Heritage Area’s continues to improve as the Congressional Caucus to help bring attention to the mission, established in 2010 has now grown to include forty-nine members of Congress and National Legislation that would impact Essex Heritage is being formulated and we are hopeful of its passage in the future..

Bill Steelman brought us all up to date on the activities relative to the Essex Heritage Scenic Byway, that has adopted a logo, a marketing tag line and is beginning to develop a web site and an application for smart phones. The commission is acting as the administrator of this venture, and has applied for a grant to assist in the development of this project. He also reported that ENHC is also now helping a group that is developing the Merrimack Valley Trail in the northern part of the Area

Ms Harris noted that she and the Commission are playing an important role in a hearing in Lynn relative to Congressional redistricting. Following this report. I have added a reprint from the most recent ENHC newsletter that outlines the hearing on Monday, June 20, 2011 and the ramifications of redistricting to this region.

Essex National Heritage Area Could Be Split Between New Congressional Districts

Massachusetts is undergoing Congressional Redistricting and the Essex National Heritage Area risks being divided between two or three congressional districts. Why does this matter? We have a coherent area that works together as a region. While other congressional districts in Mass. have changed their shape in response to politics, the 6th district has remained largely intact in its present configuration since the mid 19th century. Our unity and history contributed to our designation as a National Heritage Area and have sustained Essex Heritage's regional work on trails, historic themes and sites, and the scenic byway.

Massachusetts Joint Redistricting Committee is meeting on June 20 at 6:00 PM at Lynn City Hall. This is the opportunity for all citizens to attend and urge the committee to keep the North Shore and Lower Merrimack Valley together in one Congressional District. Read more here (pdf).


Artists in Residence in Peabody

The Peabody Historical Society has taken a most positive step to install two young women as artists in residence for the society. The two young women are artists who have either graduated or are attending Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. The two young women are now living in a historical property owned by the society and their task over the seven week assignment is to paint scenes of the Leather city. Their work does not have to focus only on historic subjects, but are free to paint what they like. When the summer session is complete the Society will have a large supply of paintings to display in Society properties and around the city. The two young artists are being compensated for their efforts as well as living in housing in a historic venue. The idea is a good one, and in a way matches the arrangement that the Danvers Historical Society has done with their Artists in Residence program with Essex Harmony.

Jim McAllister Program in Salem

Jim McAllister, the very first Essex Heritage Hero named in Salem three years ago, has created what he calls a Love song for Salem that consists of dozens of images of his adopted city. The presentation of his photography work over the last 15 years, while operating his tour business in Salem, will be shown twice at the National Park Service visitor center on June 30, 2011 at 5:30 and 7:30 that night. There will be a $10 charge to attend the presentation and the proceeds will be distributed to tourist related organizations, and Essex Heritage will be one of those organizations. For more information on the event or for reservations contact Jim at

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