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Friendship Sails! September 3 & 4, 2011

Grab your windbreaker, sunglasses and a pair of binoculars for the ride of a lifetime! It is with great excitement that we announce that the National Park Service tall ship, Friendship of Salem, will once again welcome commercial passengers on day sails when she travels to and participates in the annual Gloucester Schooner Festival on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th, 2011.

Be part of history as a passenger-crew member aboard Friendship! Last year's participants described the experience as an "absolutely fantastic”, once in a lifetime experience"! The excursion includes a 6-hour sail, opportunities to help as a volunteer crew-member and views of the festival's participating schooners. In addition, during your excursion Park Service interpreters will share information about the ship and maritime history.
Join us! Learn more about Friendship Sails! here.

Boardwalk in Barnstable

I subscribe to a cape newspaper and receive information about Cape Cod where we own a home. In this weeks newspaper there was a story about a group of volunteers who have undertaken a project that sounds very much like the Swamp Walk project in Danvers. This project provides access to Barnstable harbor, a marsh and a creek .

The goal of the volunteer group is similar to the volunteers in Danvers as both groups are seeking to provide access where none previously has existed. It is clear that good ideas have no boundaries and if you are on the North Shore or on Cape Cod, it is nice to know that there are committed volunteers all over that will work to accomplish a difficult task for the residents of their community. Once again, congratulations to George Saluto and his merry band of volunteers for their work on the Swamp Walk. Remember George, you promised to keep me up to date on the work to make your project available to all.

Baron Mayer Award

I want to offer a few thoughts today on the wonderful award that I received at the opening Danvers Family Festival reception at the Glen Magna Estate last weekend. I was truly proud to be named the 2011 award recipient, and to be added to the spectacular group of former winners of this most important award. This evening was an honor and is clearly one of the most important recognitions that I have ever received. The weather that evening was a little damp and dreary, but the atmosphere that was created by the commitee and particularly the co chairs of the event, Anna Bertini and Irene Kucinski was warm and welcoming and we certainly appreciated their incredible efforts. I was pleased that many of my family, and many friends and associates from the various organizations that I am proud to serve, were able to be with me to share the presentation of this award, that I would never have been singled out to receive the award without their support and commitment. Thank you to everyone who attended the event,

I was also very pleased to use this opportunity to offer my thanks for the many thoughts and prayers that were offered during my recent illness. I was able to speak of my commitment to the recovery process that is so important when one must muster a substantial commitment of energy and a level of hard work if one is to recover from a serious illness. The adjustments that had to be made to allow me to continue my work as a volunteer were many and were all worth the effort. On a number of occasions, I have been told that I am an inspiration. I hope that is the truth and that others will use me as an example and believe that with hard work, anything is possible. I am in the process of writing a book, that will chronicle my serious illness, the loss of my leg and will focus on my intense desire to live and to continue to participate in life. The book will be finished in the fall of 2011, and will highlight the commitment that was made by so many people responsible for my progress. This was happening at the same time when some of the medical people that were helping overcome my new disability thought that I might never walk again, but even now, we have already proved that prediction to be wrong.

I was also able to offer some thoughts about a new role I hope to play in the future. I wish to become an active advocate for others with disabilities and how bringing the challenges they face every day that may improve conditions for both me and others with disabilities.

I am most pleased to have been chosen to receive this prestigious award and promise to continue to do all in my power to provide support and guidance to the important regional organizations that I am privileged to serve. I have a strong believe that I have been blessed in this life, and am obligated to continue to serve in what ever way I can, however possible.

Danvers Family Festival in full Swing NOW

Please take a moment to check the schedule each day for events offered as a part of the annual Family Festival at www.danversfamilyfestival.com/. There is something for everyone at this two-week event.

Follow up on Danvers Homeless Families

When you learn of recently announced plans to provide much needed support to the children of the Homeless families in Danvers, it makes you proud to live in this region with people who care so much about the welfare of others. In a recent posting to this BLOG, I provided information on the increase of families being housed in motels in the Town of Danvers. The increased population has included a number of youngsters, who now that school is finished for the year, will be left to find summer enjoyment at the motels on highways and other difficult locations. The town of Danvers has come to the rescue and in the process of creating a program to provide the needed support. The town is in the process of creating a six-week summer playground program for these new residents of the Town. The program will likely be housed at one of the Danvers schools and breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided by senior volunteers from the People to People food pantry. The expected cost of the program including staffing, transportation and food is expected to be $25,000, and that amount is not included in the town’s budget, so if anyone wants to help support this program as of this date 168 youngsters will be in the program. Please send a check payable to the Community Council % of Town Hall or send a donation to the Food Pantry at PO BOX 2076, Danvers, Ma 01023 or drop off non-perishable food to the pantry at their location at 12 Sylvan Street across from Town Hall. The pantry will be closed for vacation during the next two weeks in July and during that time, food donations can be delivered to the Danvers YMCA or the Library. There is also a need for destinations to bring these youngsters to during the time of the camp, and any ideas relative to this concept can be offered to Recreation Department Manager David Mountain or Cheryl Marshall at 978 777 0001 ext, 3094. This kind of action being offered by one Town in this region makes one proud to live in this community.

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