Friday, July 24, 2009

Essex Heritage Explorers Program

I am currently on Cape Cod where like the rest of us in New England we are stall seeing rain.  From what I have heard Essex County received a great deal of rain and there were traffic slowdowns all over the area including a slowdown on train service into Boston from the North. We can only hope that as the weekend arrives we will dry out a bit and we will get to enjoy a bit of summer weather over the next couple of days.  
I understand that on Thursday just before the coastal storm hit the area, the Essex Heritage Explorers group had a wonderful event at Lowell's Boat Shop.  The two young ladies that run that program for Essex Heritage do a wonderful job organizing the events offered to the Explorer group, and every event that has been offered has been a success.  The ENHC Explorer events are diversified and varied and certainly reflect the spectacular resources of this region.  Membership in the Essex Heritage Explorers Program is most affordable, and information on upcoming activities is readily available on the Essex Heritage web site.  For more information,  sign on to the site at

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  1. Thank you Tom! It was a great afternoon and the staff at Lowell's Boat Shop is phenomenal, they know and love their history and bring it to life everyday at the Boat Shop. I hope to spend more time there in the future!