Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking to the Future

Good Evening.....A couple of months ago, Essex Heritage participated in an examination of what has been accomplished since the area was created in 1996.  There were dozens of area partners who weighed in with their observations on our successes and in situations where we could improve our actions.  That report that was about nine months in the compilation is now about complete. Sometime in the next several weeks that report will be finalized and the results will be delivered to the NPS and the Congress in Washington.. We expect that the report will focus on both successes and how we could improve how we provide support to the region.  We anticipate  that the positive partnership that have been established and natured with the National Park Service and the many regional partners we work with will be a primary focus of the report.  We certainly expect that whatever the recommendations that are offered, we will continue to work with the region and to be certain that everyone who wishes to work with Essex Heritage will have that opportunity.  It has always been a primary goal of Essex Heritage to be certain that our program are inclusive for all, and always available to a broad cross section of the region we serve.

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  1. Very cool, and congrats; will look for that result with interest.

    Hopefully, you'll be publishing it so the others of us engaged professionally in the cultural life of the region can read it too.