Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Blog of Essex Hapenings

Good afternoon. Today I spent some time with my grandson, Brendan. Using his technology skills, he helped me create a blog that I have titled "Essex Happenings".  From time to time I intend to use this medium to provide updates on the work of the Essex National Heritage Commission and also to provide information on other activities in the Essex County, Massachusetts region.  I have been connected to the Commission since its inception over a decade ago, and our mission is to promote and preserve the historic, natural and cultural resources of this wonderful area where I have been privileged to work and live all of my life.  The Commission has taken an active role in the life of the 34 communities that we serve, and in the last years have provided both technical and financial support to many of the 700,000 residents who live in the 500 square mile area we represent.  We have provided funding for many projects that have made this such a great place to live and work.    The Commission is now participating in the planning to help establish a bike and pedestrian trail that would run from the northern border of the county down to Danvers, and have also established a committee that is working on the creation of a Scenic Byway that will run from Lynn up the historic coast to northern border of the state.
I will continue to provide information about our work and I hope that you will find what is happening in this region interesting and entertaining.
Tom Leonard

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