Thursday, July 23, 2009

Using Essex History Summer Institute & Border to Boston

Next week the Using Essex History team will be holding its summer institute at a number of locations around the region.  This is a wonderful program that is offered in conjunction with the Beverly School system, Salem State College, and Essex Heritage.  The program provides educational resources to teachers in the region, and helps inform them of the broad ranges of historical issues that in the future can be passd on to their students.  The program has had participants from almost every school district in the region, and serves as a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when organization work together.  I hope to attend one of the sessions of the Institute next week, and I will offer a more complete report on the program at that time.
I understand that the Danvers Town Manager has appointed a trail committee in that Town to provide guidance on the creation of the rail trail program.  This is wonderful news and I expect that the members of the the committee will begin to offer enthusiastic advice on how the trail can be a benefit to a large portion of the population of that community.  At Essex Heritage we look forward to continuing our relationship with Town officials from Danvers, and see these recent steps as most positive.  The Town is an important participant in the Border to Boston initiative that is part of the current planning efforts at ENHC.
As noted I will be in the office next week for awhile, and I will use that time to bring myself up-to-date on current ENHC activities and will make more comprehensive reports on Essex Happenings at that time.

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